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Mark DeCloedt

Born: June 26, 1969 (Cancer) in the Forest of Dean.

Parents: My mum Doreen originally ran the band fan club is now looking after old folk..bless! My father Arthur sadly passed away in 1990, he was an incredible inspiration to me and is still sadly missed he was a very talented cartoonist, credits include Danger Mouse, The BFG, Super-ted and many more.

Brother: My little bro Gary is a now a teacher.

Wife: My wife whom I’m forever in debt for her continuing support, encouragement and belief in me.

Son: My son Jaydn Rhys was born on July 17, 2002...the reason why all us chaps are here after all, he’s a star in the making for sure...more into super heroes than drums right now but I’m working on him slowly...he’s into Star Wars which is more than cool cause I get to watch them more now :)

Hair: Brown with a hint of bleedin Grey!

Eyes: Brown

Jobs: During my misguided youth I was once a plumber, Landscape gardener, ice cream packer..most of which was during my search for stardom! For the last 12 years I have worked very hard in the Drum Industry, selling them in shops and then to retailers and finally I now manager Artist relations and marketing for a very good drum’s my job to discover the new talent in the music industry..Happy days indeed.

Self dislike: Smoking, moaning and my need for speed (cars!)