Beauty School

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BEAUTY SCHOOL began life around two years ago and was formed through the merging of two existing, experienced talents; Rachael Stewart (lead vocals), and James Atkin (programming/guitar).

Rachael Stewart (Lead Vocals / Co-writer)

Born and bred in Aberdeen, (but harbouring an amalgamated Mockney/Jock/West-country accent), Stewart moved to London and cut her teeth hanging out in the dark corners of legendary techno nights Sabresonic and The Drum Club, and the infamous Heavenly Social where she mixed with now-famous DJs, producers & musicians she met there.

As a natural performer, it wasn't long before she herself was up on stage, and achieved notoriety for her singing, stage-mongering and tom-foolery across the world, when she toured with dance-band Fluke (Virgin) in 1997 on their remix album tour Risotto.

Even at this early stage in her career, the US Press picked up on Stewart's raw energy and talent to perform and entertain, describing her as " the female version of Keith Flint of The Prodigy.

James Atkin (Programming / Guitar / Co-writer)

Ex EMF (EMI) front-man James Atkin achieved huge world-wide success in the Nineties as lead singer of the band responsible for one of the most well-known tracks of the decade, and therefore has one of the most recognisable voices of the time.

However, these days he prefers to steer Beauty School from behind huge shades and an electric guitar, leaving the lady to stir up the electro mosh-pit.

From their studio in North Yorkshire, Atkin works prolifically, and with Stewart's input, they manage to create indie punk tunes with a dark edge, a trashy vibe, and pop hooks that Joe Strummer would be proud of.


With only a handful of live gigs under their belt, BEAUTY SCHOOL are already creating dark clouds of musical mayhem in the UK and Europe, where their gigs never fail to kick-off (all untamed aggression thankfully confined to the stage…)

Beauty School have just completed a mini-tour of Denmark (Sept 04) following the unexpected success of unofficial single "Beatbox Baby", which reached number 3 in the Danish Club Charts. Unusual place to kick-start your new band's career, but the single took off in Copenhagen when Danish DJ impresario Kjeld Tolstrup came across a CD demo recording and played it to death in every he played at.

This, in turn, has sparked interest from Rennie Pilgrem in London, who will be putting it out as a single on his critically acclaimed label TCR. "Beatbox Baby" the original, and a breaks re-mix by one half of JDS(also signed to TCR), Julian Napolitano is set for release in 2005.

Separately, Beauty School are ATKIN, the electro beatnut, who brings production skills, an acid house attitude and years of experience, whilst STEWART personifies the perfect front-woman that other bands would kill for.

Together, the couple create dark, feral, sexy electro-pop that simply commands attention.