Beauty School

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Site updated: Friday, February 10, 2006 6:37:47 PM (Front Page / MP3)

Beauty School are now a three piece with Justin Welsh completing the line up. Justin was the drummer for 90's band Elastica. He has been a very close friend of ours for a long time & we are very proud to have him on board.

We have finally finished our album, the working title is 'Disgraced Popstars' (we may stick with that.. not sure.) The recording took place in North Devon 'Arial Studios' and was mixed at 'Ivy Barn' North Yorkshire. Big thanks to Ralph Jezzard who did additional production on five of the trax on the album. It will be a digital release; not sure who to do it through yet though. Feel free to download what trax you like until it's all sorted.

The trax listing: