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The EMF Experience

Welcome to The EMF Experience!

Have you met the boys? Had some weird encounter? Did something to express undying love? If you have an EMF story, we want to hear about it!

Submit your story!

Experienced by Cara

It was about a week before Christmas in 1995. For about a year, I had been emailing a friend of Derry's and the band's who's name was Ian (if you have been online for as long as me, you remember the "official" 'Mef site that was up until about late 1995.) I had sent an email to a few friends telling them I'd be away for the holidays, and if anyone wanted to call me, here is my home number.
I was out shopping one day, and when I had gotten back to my mom's house, she said to me, "Somebody named Derry called." Well, after I stopped screaming, I asked her what he had said. She told me that he called and said, "Is Cara home?" and she said, "No, she's out. Can I take a message?"
Derry: Well, this is Derry.
Mom: Are you an email friend?
Derry: *laughing* It's a long story!
Mom: You have a nice accent. Are you Austrailian?
Derry: No actually, I'm in England.
Mom: I'm sorry! When can you call back?
Derry: I can call back on Christmas.
Mom: Okay, she'll be here then.
Derry: Thanks, I'll call back then.

But he never called back... But that's okay since now he emails me!

Experienced by Jason Lewis

Every Fall, my Rockwellian hometown holds a chalk art festival on Main Street. I used to be pretty interested in art and I mostly drew things out of my CD jackets. I had a friend who was also artistic and liked the same music, so we decided to collaborate on a project for the festival. The first year we did the black and white photo out of the back of Jesus Jones' Doubt album; the second year we did the cool artwork stamped onto the Schubert Dip CD. Among all the colorful Rainbow Trout, sunflower and smiley face pieces, it was nice to have a stark, melancholy, black and white piece to really grab people's attention.

by Jason Lewis and Ian O'Banion

Experienced by Matt Smith

My friends Chris, Ed & I saw the mef about 10 times in 1995 and at the Portsmouth gig in April they were running a raffle to win signed goodies and pictures n stuff. We all bought loads of tickets (to help the homeless of course not to win stuff!!) and won some pics, signed shit. However at each date the were 2 or 3 signed Drum Skins (signed by the whole band) and I quite frankly wanted one. No such luck after about 100 tickets so I gave up. However upon getting a drink before MEF came on I have some more change so I bought 1 last ticket (this is the bit reminiscent of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) and blow me if I didn't win !!! (which of course I did !!)

This was made all the more sweet when Mark gave me a set of used drum sticks to go with the skin (which now sits on my wall with my other fave music memorabilia)

Experienced by Ana

I saw EMF live(13th May) here at my city, at "Queima das Fitas",the University Students party. The gig was amazing...EMF knows hoe to play music and how to give a fantastic gig. It was the first time that I saw EMF live. After the show I went try to find the band on backstages...So I saw a girl waiting for the band. We started talking and she is also a fan since 1991 like me. We wait a little and them Ian,Marc and Derry came to us... They start talking with us and gave their autograph. And Marc, one of my faves,gave me his hand for a while...I was over the moon... Them we wait again this time for James and Zach. We wait...and them Ian,came again to us,so I ask him if he had any "souvenir" to me and he gave me a plectrum...I really stay happy!!!(I'm gonna keep it forever!). He asked me my age and so on. His really really nice!!!Is my fave :o)) Finally James and Zach came and we talk with they too and they gave us their autograph. In short it was really but really amazing!!!!! I never gonna forget that night...

Experienced by Scott

Where do I start? Ive had seen the boys (I'll always call them that) on many occasions, and seeing them around in the bar etc before gigs was always exciting, certainly when your a teenager. Anyway, I plucked up the courage to talk to Ian at a gig and after I discovered they were 'just normal guys' it gave me confidence to go and talk to them more. They were always genuine and nice and at Brighton on the stigna tour, my sister and I were talking to Ian. After a long chat, Ian said he would give us aftershow passes, so off he went and we waited for an age (wondering if it was just an excuse to get rid of us) low and behold Ian came back with two passes!!

My next 'meeting' was with James, on this occasion I had injured my foot at a gig a few days before and was on crutches. James was genuinley concerened and extremely nice, he then said he would get me tickets and passes for the up and coming London show. I took my friends and sure enough the tickets etc were at the door! At the aftershow, people were in a queue to get in and it was a bit of a crush. James turned up with his mum and dad and helped me through the barriers (as they were only letting family and friends in at this time) which to me was a kind thing to do, which I wont forget.

I have many other stories which will also stay in my mind, which Id like to thank EMF for and many times which have made me laugh. The funniest time was at a poppies gig in Cinderford, myself and Sarah Smith(wanted to mention you and say thanks) went to mark's mum Doreen's house the morning after the gig. Doreen was on the phone to the poppies 'gofer' and asked him to bring round various bits for her (including some tights as she had a ladder in hers!)

My final experience was stumbling across James at the Reading festival in 94/95, we just sat on the grass in the sunshine, had a beer and a smoke and just chilled out. He remembered me from previous gigs which was a good feeling.

Good luck to the boys on the new tour, Im sure you will get the chance to meet all of those loyal people who still listen to your music...see you all there. See you on the stage for 'EMF'

Experienced by Sian

being sweet 16 and needing somewhere to channel my teenage angst i chose emf! living in gloucestershire meant that i could go and see the band 'locally' which was great. i had friend who lived in cinderford so i used to hang out in the 'rugby club' drinking cheep booze, dancing like crazy fool and sneeking the odd glance at derry. it was 'love'! hah! one night, i remember it well, i was waiting to go home outside the club when a young lady (well, i call her a young lady!) came and lamped me one on the face (it didn't hurt tho', hmmm). i believe she was derry's g/f. i was mortified....what had i done? did i care? no, not really, i was 16! now, i look back and laugh. i had a great time going to emf gigs, talking about the lads and living in some kinda fantasy world....and now in 2001 at the tender age of 26 i hear they are re-united. how fuckin' marvelous! went to see then in london and had a wicked time....what a laugh! good on ya.

Experienced by Emily

I saw the band on the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party first of all and needed to see more of them. My cool Mum, who has done a bit of gigging in her time and knew a few people, managed to get us on the guest list for the Riverside in Newcastle in 1991, the day the Gulf war broke out!! From then on I managed to get to another 13 gigs over 1991/92. They were fantastic. My Mum became Zac's adopted Mum, we met Zac, Derry and Ian shopping in Manchester and they put us on the guest list, and we stayed in their hotel over night. I have also been to James's house and had tea with his Mum. She's cool! Also at a gig in Newcastle I had taken a massive inflatable banana to appeal to Derry and his fascination with all things inflatable. Before the gig we had left it back stage for safe keeping and gone to the front of the stage for the show. When the band came out Derry had my banana and threw it into the crowd! The most intense weekend of my life was in the August of 1991 (God, that's ten years ago, I can hardly believe it!!) when my Mum and I went to St.Austell in Cornwall to see the band and PWEI. We spent the day on the beach and met Derry, I sat in Mark's car and I met James for the first time!! I got my Schubert Dip shirt signed by the whole band including the wonderful Milf (I'd like to see him again). We also met Suggs, PWEI, Inspirals and the Farm (who dedicated a song 'The greatest Mother in the World' to my Mum). The memories and the photos are fantastic reminders of the brilliant times we had and the fantastic people we met. Unfortunately in a moment of madness/utter kindness either last year or the year before I gave away a lot of my tour shirts to victims of the Turkish earthquake/floods and now am the proud owner of ONE Spin Control shirt and of course my signed Schubert Dip Shirt. My Mum and I have decided that we must get to the Gloucester gigs, so if anybody from all those years ago is going feel fee to contact me and I might even remember who you are!!

Experienced by JONNY BEGLEY


Experienced by Julee

Well where can i start!! My life as an emf fan began with seeing them on t.v. when i was 13 and falling madly in love with milf and thinking he was the man for me, after finally getting tickets to the kilburn gig my sister and i sat outside in the queue for 6 hours waiting to get in. We got talking to a girl who had loads of photo's of the band from other gigs so we talked and talked and swapped address (as you do when your a young girl) we went in to watch the show and on walked DJ MILF the man of my dreams i stood transfixed on him wanting to shout out how much i loved him!! When EMF walked on stage all of my thoughts of milf were gone but why because i finally saw the sexgod who is ZAC in the flesh and my lord being confronted with that when your 13 is shocking. When the gig was over i waited outside for the boys to try and get autographs etc Zac walked out and signed my jacket and i had a photo taken with him i was in heaven. We talked to the lad for a bit but then we had to go home i was sm

Experienced by juells

I don't think Derry would thank me for bringing up details of too many of his past antics,(although I doubt he remembers much about alot of them) but in light of the fact that EMF fans are still coming to terms with Zac's death,(myself included) I wanted to share one of my fave memories from EMF's early days, in Cinderford, that always makes me smile when I think about it.

After a typical night at Cinderford rugby club (1993?), drunken sweaty hoards, all danced out and heading for the chinkie, punch-ups in the carpark, the riot van on standby, various girls tearing each others hair out on a chip-splattered pavement.It was the usual chaos. I was sitting on the kerb, in what we called the triangle, with some girlfriends all singing "like a virgin" at the top of our voices(badly).The door to the chinese was blocked by about 100 people. Derry was lurching down the other side of the street, shouting my name at me and generally trying to get my attention.(And be the centre of attention, as usual) I screamed no! at him, 2 or 3 times.So, like a child having a tantrum, he walked into the road, narrowly missing being hit by a passing taxi, lay down,on his back, spread out his arms and legs and started dancing;(as much as you can dance while flat on your back!but being Derry he managed to make it look fairly plausible!) while various cars, taxis and police vans drove round him (miracul

I think I remained un-impressed, even after he offered to show me his collection of baseball caps!But I was fascinated by his socks.I could always tell Derry from a distance, in Cinders, from his bizarre, knee-high woolley socks!

Experienced by melanie

Here my story...

The first gig I´ve seen in Stuttgart approx. winter 1992 - but I´ll check the correct date - because I didn´t found any date in this year on your tour list We went there, of course for lovin´ UNBELIEVABLE - mainly for lovin music... I think Dog eat Dog was the first act.

AfterShow... a friend and me check into the first club this night - we saw 2 nice boys and we were sure these are the boys of Dog eat Dog :-)yeah...

Finally we decided to go and enter the next scene - the best club in town - we enter the club and the boys were there again :-) Funny game...we love nights like this... we had thousends of drinks, dancing around with the boys - finally we realized, these are boys of EMF.

Early in the morning, about 6 o´clock we drove them to the hotel - which was quiet far away - and had an accident in front of the hotel - fuckin hell - it was a disaster for the friend who drove the car of her mother - shit...and we had 2 EMF boyz and a bodyguard in the car... UNBELIEVABLE !!!
But - nobody get really hurt.(?)

Police came and she had no alcohol :-) WOW - good luck for this girl... nearly a miracle...

After checking all these police stuff, the boys paid the police ticket - thanx a lot.

We had a great night and a great morning - chillin in the hotel - finally the band have to leave early, like we do - because the mother of my friend was really angry - believe me!

After all these hours of fun the bodyguard told us to come with them to next dates - but it wasn´t possible - unhappily.

After this adventure I became a big EMF fan - and I love the music till now - I wear all the nice T-shirts till now - there are really good stuff since 10 years !!! All the CD´s they´ve done are great... but I didn´t know about the new stuff - I´ll look for it directly this evening...

I´ve seen EMF twice in Stuttgart, but unhappily I was to shy to contact them again - never sure if they remember...

After this story congratulations MARK, I´m sure your baby and your wife are the happiest and proudest people in world to havin YOU as husband and Daddy - wow

And IAN belatedly Happy Birthday - it´s the same date I have :-)

Hope there´s a possibility to c u live in germany anyhow, anywhere, anytime...
Thank you for this trip down memory line...
Never stop playin music...
Stay cool and LOVE LIKE MUSIC...

Experienced by Kristy

All I can say is that I spent ages 12-14 pretending I was going to marry Zac. When I got older, being a musician, meeting a lot of people I never thought I'd ever meet, I started to think "Hey! Maybe I really will marry Zac!" And I spent a few months trying to find out what became of him, until I found Thanks to Cara, I found out that he was doing well and still making music. You hear horror stories about what happens when big hit bands fall apart. Things seemed to be going great. Unfortunately, tragedy hit ten years after "Unbelievable" ruled the charts. Now I guess I am accepting that I will NEVER marry Zac, and it's OK. Now I have a sort of kindred spirit to think about, to yell out at when i stub my toe, to imagine there when I'm scared. Wherever you are Zac, you are loved, even if I didn't get to marry you. :)

Experienced by skilli

when emf blew up i was only like 10 or 11. i remember all the older lads went all baggy that summer, and were drinking cider and hammering schubert dip through a ghetto blaster on the park where we live. and this was the first time i ever really got into any music, before that music was just some noise that was on the chart show on saturday's. yeah so i bought the album soon after, and some thieving little gypsy nabbed it off me a few years later and i just never got round to replacing it. in 2000 i went back-packing round australia and i'd been there 4 or 5 months when i really started to get bored of the music i took over there with me. i went into some second hand music shop in darwin and the first tape i saw on the rack was indeed schubert dip. i couldn't believe it, what are the chances of that happening in some little town in the middle of nowhere? so i bought it and spent the rest of the month sitting round camp-fires on the beach with the people i met listening to it while the older ones

Experienced by emily

this is an old school story I met the boys at the airport in London? in 1994, I was on my way to Greece for the summer . I was bummed becuz i missed my connecting flight and had a zillion hours to kill. i was so happy because I got to meet Zac in person , I was in love with him and I had pictures of him all over my bedroom back home in CHicago. Im older now still crazy not wiser and will miss the talented and fucking awesome ZAC. Peace.