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Reunion 2001 Fan Reviews

Portugal | Cambridge | London | Mardi Gras | Cornwall | Cardiff | Gloucester

anonymous reviews


Various| Portugal | May, 2001

Review by Flip May 5, 2001: Coimbri Festival: Portugal

On this gig they play a lot of songs from the first album(children,i believe,unbeliveble,emf,girl of an age,admit it,lsd) and from the second album(inside,getting through,the're here,it's you,the light..,and more), the cover search and destroy and from the last album only perfct day. the first sound in the concert was a version from 007. they have try to play very good but somethimes (you know, the bit is not the same for the five guys) In the midle of the concert James says that "this is my best friends" the last song was emf that James have sing in duet whith Derry("i want a beer").

In the final I think that was very very good, because I never thought to see this guys playing again.



Review by Pedro May 12, 2001: Aporto Festival: Portugal

I just been at the EMF concert last night in Porto, at Queima das fitas and it was just great. I'm not a fan of the band and i only remembered the "unbelievable" hit from 91, anyway i was curious to see the show and i was amazed about how great they sounded, it was surely the best gig from the whole week festival and the best that i've seen lately. I don't know the name of the songs so i can't tell wich ones i liked best, all i can say is that i liked them all and will go as soon as possible to buy a cd from the band(maybe the new best of). Unbelievable was simply unbelievable and the whole show rocked, you guys sure know how to play a great rock concert. Keep rockin and came back soon to Porto.


Review by Ana May 12, 2001: Aporto Festival: Portugal

Last Saturday I saw EMF live here at my city, at "Queima das Fitas",the University Students party. The gig was amazing...EMF knows how to play music and how to give a fantastic gig. It was the first time that I saw EMF live. After the show I went try to find the band on backstages...So I saw a girl waiting for the band. We started talking and she is also a fan since 1991 like me. We wait a little and them Ian,Marc and Derry came to us... They start talking with us and gave their autograph. And Marc, one of my faves,gave me his hand for a while...I was over the moon... Them we wait again this time for James and Zach. We wait...and them Ian,came again to us,so I ask him if he had any "souvenir" to me and he gave me a plectrum...I really stay happy!!!(I'm gonna keep it forever!). He asked me my age and so on.He liked me! :o)) His really really nice!!!Is my fave :o)) Finally James and Zach came and we talk with they too and they gave us their autograph. In short it was really but really amazing!!!!!


Review by Flip May 12, 2001: Aporto Festival: Portugal

In the begining of the night I meat Derry.He was with same guys from the concert(portugueses).He talk a lot of time about the plans for the future(they will came back in the summer),the concert in Coimbra,about the site(he told that he will email to you about this 3 concerts in Potugal to) and in the final He tell that he put me on stage in the last song(EMF).

The setlist is:

(i don't remeber)Arizona
Girl of an age
Getting Through
It's you
Travelling not running
They're here
I Believe

Search and destroy

The sound was better than in Coimbra but Derry told me in the benning they only play old songs nothing from the last album or the new ones.After start the unbelievable song James say "this songs is for a friend from Portugal . Flip . where are you . This is for you", I jump to the front of the concert and stay in front of the stage in the other side the security zone, jumping and dancing(it was amazing).And in the final song(EMF) I saw Derry he saw me, He jump down from the stage and I jump to the security zone but at that moment the security push me away.The final is very bad but all night was very good.

Thanks DERRY for the conversation you are a nice guy
And a great thank's to EMF "you're fuckenunbelievable"


Review by Maria May 5 & 12, 2001: Portugal

reunion review: I wish to write better, but... what? Maybe some porno poetry?! (Dont't even think about it!) All i want to say is something nice, however, "nice" is just a nice word (and it's not enough). When doesn't exist words to say something so obvious... i always prefer the silence! Well... What the fuck... I'll try! Soft but deep... with the most honest words that i know and that i've got... here it goes.
I saw EMF, this year, in Coimbra and Porto (POrtugal) and it was great, as always (yes, i'm late. I've been "out"). EMF is the most amazing band that i ever saw. Why?! I'm afraid, there is questions that don't have right answers. Your music is just pure and simple. It have magic in the words, energy in the sound. But most of all, it's that fire that burns inside each one of you. As you know and as you can see, you have the future in your hands, so if you please, don't let it fall. Keep going... (sorry, i'm not very good with the words and in english it's like "Mission Impossible"). All i want to say is... Thank you for everything. A special thanks to Zac and Derry ("Mr. Old Racer" - Nothing in life is a question of Age. Is a question of ATTITUDE and everything that you want to do with it. As long as you don't forget who you are and where you want to go, you have the power to sketch your own way and to be!) Thanks for the beer... and everything!!! See you (here or anywhere).
Yes, you! Do you want to hear my story? That... it's my journey! Search me in your dreams, i'll be there waiting for you...

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The Junction| Cambridge | June 4, 2001

Review by Scott June 4, 2001: Cambridge Junction

We arrived at Cambridge fairly early with the hope of getting to meet the band before the shows and toavoid the rush hour traffic on the motorway. We met up with some friends anddecided to go get some food, with our chosen place of eatery being a pub. Thenearest pub was spurned and we changed our minds to go to Domino’s pizza. Laterwe discovered that the band were actually at the pub signing copies of the newalbum!
We hung around for a while eatingthe pizza off the roof of my car and it was nearing seven and there were stillfew people there. Derry popped out for a brief moment and I felt a wave ofexcitement, It was never going to sink in that this was a reunion until I hadactually seen them with my own eyes! Now this is really happening.
We sat in the bar at theJunction just having a drink and a chat, no sign of the band yet….until ofcourse I decided that a visit to the gents was in order. On entering the loo Icatch a glimpse of James walking in, but Mother Nature was knocking at thedoor! On my return, I find Mark at our table talking to my friends Sarah, Joand Julie. I sat down shook Mark’s hand and had a little chat.
The Junction is a goodvenue, not too small but not too big. We waited an eternity for the band toarrive, a long sketch from Monty Python (I think) played to lull us all intothinking the band would be on soon but it went on and on…and on.
When the lights went down,and the intro to Children came on my arms were cold, this was happening and Ifelt excited. It was so good to see the boys onstage once more and it reallyfelt like they had not spent 6 years hidden away. So one by one they played thesongs that have all had an impact to us in one way. The band have improved asmusicians, they played really well and you could tell that they were enjoyingthis moment. They were all smiling, especially James who seemed nervous atfirst but began to get into it like never before. Mark’s drumming was superb;you could notice the slight changes to the drum fills in certain songs, ‘Lies’rocked Mark!
The band was back; they wereplaying well and had a good mixture of songs. ‘Inside’ was one of my favouritesas it brought back memories of Reading Festival. But I also enjoyed ‘Lets Go’and ‘Incredible’ sounds like a good start to make a single release. Obviouslythe highlight song was ‘Unbelievable’ but for me I enjoyed every single trackthey played. The band finished up with ‘Perfect day’ and ‘I Believe’ but Ikinda had the feeling of wanting more. There was always going to be the nextnight at the Astoria but I knew that it wouldn’t seem as personal as Cambridge.London did rock and the atmosphere was electric but for me Cambridge was THEreunion as it was the first time in 6 years I had seen the band. I only evergot the chance to meet Mark and Derry at the gigs, this didn’t really matter somuch as it really was worth the wait to see the band play once more. Watch outfor my pictures in the near future. Look forward to the next time. Long livethe new flesh.


Review by Andi June 4, 2001: Cambridge Junction

One of my biggest regrets in life was not going to see my favourite band EMF perform live.
I thought i'd never get the chance until.......!!!
Please don't think i'm exaggerating when i say that June 4th was the best day of my life!
We got to the Junction really early because i didn't want to miss a single moment and i thought i might get a glimpse at one of the band. I sneaked round to the back and was gobsmacked to find the band emerging from the back door one by one to go to the pub. It was THE most surreal moment EVER! I met the glamorous Cara as she casually persuaded us to join them at the pub. So here's me feeling totally freaked out watching my idols eat dinner. Hmmm. They were all really nice and friendly and seemed happy to be back together and performing again.
Well it was soon time to be heading back to the venue, and together with Cara, we took our places at the front... i was determined to be at the front for my first EMF live experience, although as we learnt from our bruises at the Astoria, being at the front isn't always such a good idea!!
I cannot describe the rush that i felt when the music started up and the band launched into Children. I don't normally like to leap about much but i couldn't help it, i was just having such a fantastic time from it all. I jumped, kicked, waved, screamed like i'd gone a bit mental but i enjoyed every second. I sang (or shouted) along to the songs, thrashed my head about like i used to do when i was 14 and had hair like Derry. I felt like i'd gone back in time... i just cannot explain how totally bizarre the whole thing was.
I was so happy that they played Getting Through, They're Here and It's You as they're my three all time favourite songs. When the lads went off after the encore, i felt totally drained. All that leaping about had taken it's toll but it was worth it. I guess some might think i'm a bit silly for getting so emotional about it but i had literally waited for over ten years! I was in a state of absolute bewilderment, shock and happiness all at once, and i had the chance to thank Ian afterwards for coming back and to tell him that i'd had the time of my life. I think he thought i was a bit mad, but he was very sweet and happy i'd enjoyed it! (understatement)
So Ian, if you're reading this- i make no apologies for my emotions!! THANKYOU to all of EMF for coming back and giving me the best day of my life. Shame i had to work and miss the Astoria. Wrong! A quick phone call to my shop to tell them i was taking an extra day off (which i actually got into trouble for from the Area Manager bloke- like i care!) and we were off to London to do it all again.
As this is a review, i guess i should rate the music. It fucking rocked. That says it all.
(A quick THANKYOU to CARA for sharing the experience, all the people we spoke to, EMF for existing, CARRIE for being an excellent substitute for a while and DALE for being the nicest most loveliest man on the planet.)

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The Astoria| London | June 5, 2001

Review by Paul June 5, 2001: London Astoria

Arrived at the Astoria with my mate Simon....... Got inside... although it was still quite early.... I was not expecting it to be so busy.... Had about 3 beers before the support came on, and about 2 more during their set!!! I was not expecting to wait so long for EMF to play!!! and had a couple more beers.... I can remember the intro to Children, and everyone going wild. Then the sample of the sirens as Derry press the key on keyboard... Adrenalin Rush!!

"Hold on Take Your Life", I surely felt like that i took mine!!!! Next next few songs played; Unbelievable (dedicated to Cara) came on.. everyone went wild.... After a couple more beers That's all i can remember from them gig, except bumping into a few people I knew, and meeting CARA, and trying to get in the Aftershow party!

But i did have company in my bed thre next morning.. the pizza I ate the night before after the gig!!!


Review by Lisa June 5, 2001: London Astoria

Hope I'm the first one to review the Astoria gig. I'm doing this in an internet cafe coz I've not got a machine at home!
Anyway, I couldn't believe how packed it was in there! And didn't they keep us in suspense. It was almost unbearable.
I was on a major high for the whole day (for about three months before actually!) and when they came on the whole place just erupted. I couldn't believe that they were standind there in front of me!
The only other time I'd seen them was when I was 18 (10 years ago) at the Town & Country Club so you can imagine how up in the clouds I was.
The gig just seem to fly by and I was especially pleased that they played "EMF" at the end so that I could get a good look at Derry!
I didn't want the night to end (cross between adrenalin and alcohol) so along with this bloke I'd just met we managed to get into the after show party. I was just in heaven. Even now I can't believe that I managed to get in there! We even met Marks lovely mum at the door and she couldn't even get in!
I was chatting to this bloke in the unisex toilet and then this voice turned around and send to me "This is my Uncle John - is he bothering you?" and it was Derry!!!!
He then asked me for a fag and wouldn't take it coz it was my last one but he had a couple of puffs and gave it back to me!
Went out to dance and mingle with just about anyone who'd take any notice and low and behold I was yet again confronted by Mr Brownson who asked me for yet another fag!
I'm not going to bore you anymore - I know this is supposed to be a gig review but I had to get it off my chest coz I haven't come down from it yet. But I really was very drunk by the end of the night and I just want to apologise to anyone/everyone that reads this that might have been there coz I feel like I made a complete tit of myself and it was just coz I was so over-excited (and drunk). But it was a great night anyway!!!


Review by Rob June 5, 2001: London Astoria

I have been a fan of EMF from as soon as their first single was released, but like yourself never got to see them. I was most excited to hear from my girlfriend that the band were getting together for some gigs. I went straight to your encyclopaedic site and sure enough it was happening. Following the news avidly, the tickets were promptly bought.
On the day of the concert we arrived and had a couple of Ales and waited patiently for the boys to come on. After what seem an age the lights dimmed and the familiar start of children came on. This was the moment I'd been waiting 10 years for. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and then they were there.
Every song was great and perfect, and all the band, especially James, had great stage presence. These are professionals and deserve to be on the top again I've seen several bands, all very good, but non this good. Maybe I'm biased, but there you have it, one thing I do know is I want to see them again. Please boys if you're reading this stay together and do more gigs, albums and show the world you are the best.
If I had a couple of complaints the they would be:
The show was too short by about 2 hours
Where was Afroking, also missing off the new album, but it was one of your best, are you trying to forget it for some bizarre reason.
This report is late and it means I'm now the proud owner of the CD, absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait for the DVD, which I'll have to get a DVD player for.


Review by Mark June 5, 2001: London Astoria

It all started from a call from my good friend Derry...
I have been a friend of the band for a long time and have been in a band with mark since there split(strange terrain-a dub band). Der asked me if I would put a bus on(something that I had done many times before with another local band-Flowerdrum,Derrrys brothers band), which I agreed. As soon as the word was out in the forest(of dean where I am from), my phone was going non stop!!!. Anyway, as you could imagine, the night arrived for the gig, 50 of us met up in the centre of Cinderford, armed with our flasks of tea(pah). The driver was glad to see that we were all tea total(Grindles coaches...cheers!), but didn't mind if we drank as long as we did not smoke(pah). Everyone was real excited on the way up(unfortunately there was no toilet so we had a very large bucket to save time stopping for the loo's, after all we did not want to be late for the gig of the year did we!). We arrived at 8.30. Derry was there to meet us and make sure that the'forest posse' got in ok. I dont need to go into the details of the gig as we all know that the boys played absolutely brilliant and they gave it everything. Where the fuck have they been for christ's sake? I just hope that those who took up the great chance of seeing them play again took up the offer or you surely really did miss out!!! (Anyone see Scotty make his way on stage?) The worst thing is that we did get there half hour late, so we missed Leigh Brownson and Milf do their set...always the next time though:-)



Review by Andy June 5, 2001: London Astoria

Tuesday 5th June, a day I will never forget! I had been hoping for this moment since 1995! And to be honest I never thought It would happen, but somewhere along the line, as if by magic things started to happen....the next thing you know the unbelievable (sorry) has happened and there is the reunion, and loads of others gigs popping up all over the place. I just hope this is the start of the second coming...I know it can not last forever but a new album, with a few singles released (incredible for sure) and a tour in the UK and overseas, and I will be ecstatic. For although I have been fortunate to see the MEF a good few times now, there is still a lot of people who have not had the experience of it, or just have for the first time and have got the thirst for more! (you can not beat the MEF live) Anyway long may it continue......
On the day me and my girlfriend met some friends, (Cara, Matt) which was great to put some names to faces, as well some new MEF mates. Its great to see other fans who have the same passion and respect for the band. After a good few drinks we all made our way to the Astoria, for Cara to pick up her AAA (lucky lass) Which was class, for James came to give it to her personally and Zac came down with him. Matt decided to go back to the boozer for a few more drinks but I got my eye on the mighty Derry, so the rest of us went into the Astoria and met Derry (top man) for a quick chat and some photo's. Then this was it, we all headed down the front got our spots, drank some more and waited.....and waited......and waited some more!!!! It seemed to take the lads ages to come on, but all it did was add to the excitement and anticipation. When they launched into 'Children' the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and the crowd went mental ( I think we all have the bruises ) 6 years of emptiness was gone, the MEF were back!! The lads strolled through all the classics mainly 'Schubert Dip' and 'Stigma' era with only the brilliant 'Perfect Day' from 'Cha Cha Cha' (shame) James sounded spot on as did Zac you would think they had not been away, Mark was awesome on drums, with extra beats I had never heard before he obviously has not put the sticks away during the last six years! Derry was as ever on top form, and it was great to see him and James sing EMF, although he did not seem as energetic as usual. Ian, what can you say he his pure class and is certainly greatly underrated. They put on a great gig for us all (1500 which was great to see) and brought the house down with the last song EMF, great to see the massive 'forest posse' there, although I understand they could not get into the after show party! To wrap things up, the reunion was better than I could of imagined The MEF were on top form and most importantly seemed to be loving It, there was a massive crowd, which was more than I had hoped for and it was great to see some fellow MEF mates, for not so long ago I thought I was the only fan in the UK!!!!! How wrong could I be!!!! Special thanks to Cara and Matt, as well as Andi, Dale, Ryan, Chris the two 'forest boys' down the front, the Italian and the lad from Poland it's good to see EMF reached other people around the world other than the UK and the States. Hope to see you all on a tour soon.......

Cheers Andy. Newcastle

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Mardi Gras| London | June 30, 2001

Review by Dan June 30, 2001: Mardi Gras

Loved EMF for years since school in 1989- and lo and behold I stumble upon them, literally heading the line up at the Popstarz stage at Mardi Gras- worth the £15 ticket just to see them. Absolutely ace, made my day and many others. Quite a crowd, many too young to recall their original stuff- but got everyone moving with the old stuff mainly, hands in air and groovin. Their stage was in a natural amphitheatre so guessing 2000+ would have seen them, with ?500+ up close. They were on for maybe 30 mins- can't recall -probably 7 tracks, as I recall Unbelievable, Children, I Believe, Girl of an Age and some others I know but can't name...
Stampede down hill to us in front of stage when Unbelievable played. They should have been on main stage- but maybe not as: 1.better because we got too see them close and 2. it would have been shameful sharing the main (or was it the Creche) stage with "entertainers" such as Popstarz/Hearsay thing and Steps. ...Human League cool though I guess. They were all quite lively, looking good knocking on 30+!! Derry dropping his keyboard was amusing and many probably wanted more dropped, but didn't want to raise the tone too much. James seemed humble and genuine, as I would have imagined "Do you remember us?" and "How are we doing?" were a couple of lines, 10 out of 10 lads I feel. The others were in good form, couldn't see drummer for the co2 smoke!! Never seen them live and never thought I would, they were great. I went out and bought the Best of them- str8 away...Hope they got a big fee they earnt it, well done lads.

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UK Downhill Classic | Cornwall | July 7, 2001

Review by John July 7, 2001: Cornwall

As Ian said it was basically a large pub full of skate loons on speed with huge anticipation. Kicking off with the usual children intro they were on top form with Derry somehow managing to break a 18 inch hole in the stage even before he'd started !!!. You cannot beat standing no more than 5 feet away from your heroes with NO barrier in front of you! The boys were realy on fire, with only a couple of tecnical hitches (due to Derry throwing his sampler around, using it as a drumstick and James standing on it!!!) and also due to the fact that one of the monitors somehow "jumped" onto one of Ians guitar peddles!. The offending keyboard by the way, was given to a fan, but promptly retrieved. The lads whipped through the set like they'd just formed, full of energy and huge enthusiasm. massive smiles all round. The best was yet to come, can you believe finishing off the first part with James crowd surfing!!! and finishing the encore with Derry singing EMF with a beer crate on his head!!!. Truly UNBELEIVABLE. In my opinion one of their best shows, thanks fellas for a top night!!. Long live the new MEF.


Review by Pete August 4, 2001: Cardiff

That brings me on to the whole point of this e-mail, which is that I've just got back from Cardiff after seeing EMF at their FREE gig! As you'd expect, it was excellent, but I enjoyed it especially because I was right at the very front! There was a big crowd, being a free open-air thing, but I think most people were probably there because they remembered "some song called Unbelieveable" and that's it! It took a few songs for the crowd to loosen up, with me and only about three others pogo-ing like loons from the start ("Children" is my favourite EMF song). Then about 5 songs in - the whole place went mad, when That Certain Song They Remember kicked in! From then on people really seemed to get into it. We all jumped around and got sweaty, everyone had silly grins on their faces and loved the whole thing. I think a lot of people were converted by the end!

It was strangely like seeing the band in the early days because James and Mark were wearing baseball caps again, which haven't made an appearance for a while! The good thing was, this time the hats were not on sideways...

The gig was rounded of with a firework display, and I made my sweaty way home, with one of those nice happy feelings inside. aaaaaaaahhh......


Review by Andy August 4, 2001: Cardiff

After the awesome reunion gig, and with not being able to make the Mardi Gras & Cornwall gigs, I had to go to Cardiff's 'Big Weekend' to see the MEF. It's a long drive from Newcastle but I knew it would be worth it. After drinking most of the day sampling Cardiff's bars, we got to the stage at 9.00pm to give us time to push to the front and get a good spot, but when we got there, there were not as many people there as we thought, so we got a spot at the front no problem. It did fill up just before the lads came on, I think the majority of people were curious to see EMF, and some just there for 'the next band' but there were some core fans there too. I found this out when I fell flat on my face some 40seconds into the stomping 'Children' when I few people picked me up then joined in pogo-ing with me. So for the rest of the gig the three of us jumped pogo-ed and sang out heart's out to MEF songs. Taken into account I was pretty drunk, I can't recall all the songs, but I remember 'Unbelievable' going down a storm with everybody, as did 'I Believe' and 'Search and Destroy'. With the gig supposed to be only an hour long (actually 1hour 15mins) it was hard to cram all the classics in, 'Perfect day' and 'The Light That Burns' missed out (I think) but they still managed to play the classic anthem 'EMF' for their last song, which ended a great gig and, what the lads all seemed to enjoy, (Derry even throwing his shoes into the crowd) my only gripe was the sound was not the best, not the fault of the mighty MEF you understand, dodgy equipment. Let's hope we all get the chance to see EMF in their glory again, on a UK and world tour, cos you cannot beat EMF live.


Review by Ian August 4, 2001: Cardiff

my first thoughts on the cardiff festival.....

well, its not quite glastonbury. infact, its not even guildford. infact, the moseley and district farmers market has more appeal on its crazier days. some fairground rides. lots of scary-looking kids. overpriced food. a stall giving out free loaves of bread. oh, and some band from the early 90s. a band one of my mates liked so much, we'd come all the way to wales on a wet saturday night to see them.

i wasn't expecting much from it, and, to begin with, it looked like to expect "not much" was a crazy piece of optimism. we got wet. we ate the overpriced food. we tried to ignore the fact that we'd drank too much red-bull and vodka the previous night and we were still grating our teeth nearly 24 hours afterwards. we stood and watched that band that sing "if....you....were....in...my....heart...i'd....sure...ly...not...... break...you", who were mildly diverting. and we waited...waited for the gloucestershire boys.

the crowd seemed to be split between the people at the back, munching their burgers and wandering if it was time to go home, and the people at the front who had obviously had FAR too much caffeine and were dancing madly to the conflicting tunes in their respective heads. i stood in the middle, trying to look nondescript. it rained....

where were they??????

a man came onto the stage and shouted "do you know what emf stands for?" yes, thank you. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT EMF STANDS FOR????" yes. go away. some of the crowd shouted back half-heartedly and the man went away, to be replaced by the opening bars of "lies".. and some fellas bounding onto the stage. they hadn't changed much. derry still looked like a big schoolboy. james has lost a bit of hair but still looks cheeky and deceptively demure. ian dench still looks like ian dench, and zac foley.... FUCKING HELL! well, that's what zac has been doing over the last 6 years...he's been changing into the sexiest man in music.

anyway, i peel my eyes away from the guitarist and shift from foot to foot a bit as "lies" plays. they follow it up with "children", and the crowd start to get into it. by the time they've gone through "girl of an age", "they're here" and several other tracks that i sort of recognise everyone is pogoing up and down with something akin to frenzied enthusiasm. and i'm thinking...."bloody hell, this lot were good". and they were. and they are. and, yes, they play "unbelievable", and predictably the crowd moshes. but this is just the high-point of a very fine concert.

towards the end of it, james says "we're doing a few shows, we might even get back together". and, much to my own suprise, i find myself really, really hoping that they do.

an hour or so, an encore.... "i believe", and then they're gone, leaving us with only the fireworks to watch. and i'm glad i came to cardiff on a rainy saturday night. and i'm even glad i stood in the rain amongst the burgers and the bez-wannabees. because this was one of the most passionate, exciting and all round damn fantastic concerts i've been to in a long time.

emf. they're back. and if they come your way, go and see them.

go on.

you'll be glad you did.

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Guildhall | Gloucester | November 2 & 3, 2001

Review by Gibbo November 2 & 3, 2001: Gloucester

after making the trip to london, couldnt believe it when two dates were announced in their home town, well nearly!

fridays gig was a bit disappointing, mainly down to there only being four of them, where was zac? apparently ill in hospital, hope youre well soon! the whole gig didnt really kick off, partly down to poor ticket sales, and a dodgy sounding p.a.

saturdays gig was the complete opposite, we heard that the lads were so disappointed with the gig the previous night, they came in early on saturday and laid all the basslines down on dat. the whole gig was brilliant, the sell-out crowd were mad!!, mark has to be one of the best drummers of alltime, if only i could play like that!

cheers lads, for the reunion

lets have one more album!


Review by Chris November 2 & 3, 2001: Gloucester

The main bar at Gloucester Guildhall was overflowing by the time we arrived at about 9.45pm so we headed straight to the hall and the bar at the back. Suitably stocked up with alcohol we moved towards the stage where the first band were performing. Couldn't tell you much about them except they were fronted by an attractive girl with pink hair. She did say their name at the end and it began with "a"! They sounded superb,a good start to the night.

The DJ took over for a while and about 11pm the second band came on. Didn't pay too much attention to them as a few friends turned up but the band were certainly up for it and got the crowd going.

A bit more from the DJ and then the hall filled up as the road crew set up the equipment for the band we had all come to see- local boys EMF.

The strains to "Children" went up and on came Mark who waved and took up at the drums. The rest of the band followed except Zac!

Children got the crowd going big time and was followed straight away by Long Summer Days. When the noise died down James welcomed us all and Ian said "You've realised there are only four of us here tonight. Zac's in hospital but because this is our hometown gig we didn't want to pull it 'cos playing Gloucester means a lot to us" or something like that.

More of Schubert Dip followed,(one song dedicated to Zac) Travelling Not Running, Girl Of An Age & Lies.

Then James announced "Does anyone here remember making a video here?" Gloucester Guildhall was where the video to Unbelievable was made. Most people shouted they did remember to which James said " Liars!!" Then Ian said he was there that night which is fair enough 'cos he was!

Anyway, Unbelievable (dedicated to those present) went down a storm with lots of people getting on stage only to be escorted off by a member of the crew.

They then moved on to songs from Stigma, Getting Through, They're Here, It's You and The Light That Burns Twice As Bright.

People were getting onto the stage throughout the gig and there was a general feeling of euphoria throughout the evening. James said "Fuck him (the crew member removing people from the stage) get up here if you like" The stage soon filled up as Longtime started with people everywhere. James announced that this was definately the last song otherwise those dancing on the stage would probably still be there now.

They left the stage for a couple of minutes, Derry ,having to pass his half smoked ciggie and half drunk lager to someone in the crowd at the front, went up to the mike and informed everyone that James had just said that this was his favourite gig of all time.

They launched into Search and Destroy and finished up with I Believe during which loads of people got on to the stage by the end and Derry was being carried around on his shoulders (still playing of course), Ian was sharing his microphone with a few fans all singing and James had moved over to Mark and was standing on his platform as it was the only spare space on the stage.

Then they left just after 1am and so did we into the rain!

At one stage during the evening James had danced backwards and fell over a stage invader and broke the mike! He laughed about it though! There was a really good atmosphere and the band and crowd were well up for it. They are a Gloucestershire band and they were playing tonight to Gloucestershire people. Let's hope they keep playing. There will always be sell out crowds for them at Gloucester so hopefully we will see them again soon, it would be a shame for Zac not to play to the hometown audience.

How about it lads? Same time and place next year?


Review by Sam November 2 & 3, 2001: Gloucester
Been waitin to see the mef guys again for a long time, so when i heard about there reunion in 2001, I was ectastley ecstatic!! It was a shame Zac wasn't there, (I hear in hospital, hope will b o.k. soon!) they put on a fantastic performance nother the less! The battered body and bruises where well worth it!! I only wish I went on the Fri as well as the Sat. Here's waitin for the next one...........please!!!


Review by Andy November 2 & 3, 2001: Gloucester
Arrived at Gloucester about lunchtime had some food and a few beers at Chambers pub, and got some digs sorted. Went out about 5.00 thinking the gig would start at 9.00 which meant I could have a good few beers then take it easy and actually remember the gig unlike Cardiff this year, where the whole night flew by and was a total blur. Little did I know the MEF would not take stage until about 11.45 by which time I would be well away. We hit a few pubs but they were pretty quiet no meffers to be seen at all. (probably too early) But later on we bumped into one of the 'infamous' forest posse lads. He took us to a bar where about 15 other forest boys were spilling out from. We all headed to Kings where even more lads were, by this time the forest boys had more or less taken over Kings, top lads they are too. After more beers we headed over to the Guildhall, at about 9.00 and hit the bar. Milf was there, as was Mark, and later James, and all the forest posse. It's pretty small the Guildhall but the bar area was pretty smart, and the atmosphere was great. Managed to catch the support, not my sort of thing but they seemed ok. During my many visits to the gents I bumped into Jo and Sarah two top lasses from the message board, who know the MEF quite well!!!!! It was class to see them and have a quick chat although god knows what I was rambling on about. I promised Cara I would take some photos of the gig for the site, so I got near the front to get a decent view. EMF came on to the expected 'Children' a perfect song to kick off the gig, unfortunately Zac was absent, which was a shame, lets hope he makes a quick recovery and he's back on stage with the rest of the lads. The last few MEF gigs especially Cardiff were great, but the crowd did not seen that up for it, tonight though was a different story. >From start to finish everyone was putting themselves about, a few people got on stage only to get dragged off by the 'two' crew, cue James, 'fuck em' 'get up if you want to' so we did ! and by the end of the night I think half the crowd were! As usual I got lost in the music and mayhem, took 24 pictures of god knows what, ended up on the floor, got head butted (accident) was up and down on the stage and flying over peoples heads, brilliant stuff!!! Just like the old days. The MEF, and the crowd were fantastic. The songs played were Schubert Dip & Stigma era, I think the last song was 'I believe' when everyone stormed the stage. As far as I know they did not come back on, if they did I think they would have caused a mini riot doing 'E.M.F'. This was a top gig, and seemed like a 'home gig' it was well worth the long drive from Newcastle. Great stuff, keep it up lads.

Andy. Newcastle


Review by DJX November 2 & 3, 2001: Gloucester
Brilliant gig, all the songs sounded good, with my personal favourite Longtime sounding euphoric as ever.

Great to see all the faces at the Guildhall, whats 11 years between friends!

If EMF never play UK/Glos again, hopefully everyone has a night to remember!!


Review by Kit November 2 & 3, 2001: Gloucester
WITH the Mef back on home turf for two gigs for the first time since their much hyped summer reunion, Friday's show meant a lot more than simply yet another reformed Nineties act playing the city's premier rock spot. Scores had to settled... egos put aside and reputations lived up to.
A temporarily hospitalised Zac Foley meant EMF were appearing publicly for the first time in the Millennium as a four piece - though with bass lines planted firmly on DAT it was never going to be a musical struggle for our seasoned heroes to turn in a solid enough ninety minute performance of greatest hits and much request favourites.
Friday's bash kicked off with Children and continued at break neck speed through the best of Schubert Dip and Stigma before encoring with I Believe. Notable by their absence were any songs from the band's last, and somewhat eclectic, studio platter, Cha Cha Cha; although this booze fuelled crowd of Forest munchkins and city dwellers were there to boogie on so nothing lost there.
With Mark's advance gig publicity interview proclaiming the band to be looking forward to these concerts being the last with an all hits set list format, none of the venue's pre-match hype of some new material getting an airing came to fruition. Under the prevailing circumstances the hard working quartet did well to honour their commitments; but just how cool would it have been to have heard the returning Mef's current song-writing efforts on a night like this.
As ever, Mark's wall of sound drumming more than compensated for the ailing Zac in the rhythm section department, though Ian's solo guitar work seemed to diminish further back into the mix as the band's brace of memory revitalising hits thundered on unabated ably support by Derry's keyboard samples and James' vocal rantings.
The faithful & the curious may have turned out in their droves to welcome this home-coming band of gypsies back to God's own country but the jury must remain out as to whether or not the Mef' will have the piss & vinegar to return, as the Famous Five or the Fab Four, for a future studio album.
With much to be gained from another album together, here's to the speedy recovery of Zac and the prospect of seeing another evening of EMF in full flight yet again.

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Anonymous Reviews

"Longtime coming....Worth the wait ! Brilliant gig, hope there is more to come."


"Top night had by all i think!!!! James has really improved as a performer dont you all agree?!"


"Hope the boys will do some more gigs, those two dates were the best."

"I last saw EMF at the Astoria 6 years. Seeing them back there again was as though the last 6 years had never happened. Totally fantastic gig. My wife lost her denim jacket in the moshpit. Next thing we know, Derry is wearing it!"

"Great gig...just like old times!"

"exhilerating- the boys seemed to be lovin' it as much as the crowd!"

"awesome. just awesome."