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About the Webmaster

Blah, blah, blah...
Hi everyone! I am Cara (for those who get it wrong, it's pronounced "Care-uh"), webmaster extrordinaire! You may know me well by now, or you may not. At any rate, here's a little about me.

I have been an EMF fan since the first time I ever heard Unbelievable (on the best radio station ever, the old Power 108 in Cleveland) way back in early May, 1991. They have also been my favorite band since that life-changing moment, and I'll never forget the first time I saw the video... It was love at first sight for me with a certain singer, and so you can imagine how I am *still* in disbelief now that I am friends with him. But he is just as super nice as I always hoped he'd be. I may be all grown up now and past all that teenybopper giddiness, but he still gives me butterflies!

Cara meets James, FINALLY!

An obsessed collector for over a decade, I have all my EMF stuff together in one trunk. It's packed all the way to the top with records, tapes, shirts, magazines and pictures (and lots of other things too!).

My most prized possessions are the memories and pics from London, the guitar pick from Ian, the letters I have from James and a few great posters. I also love my Smoke The Banger video, which I got by bicycle when it came out, seeing as how I was not old enough to drive! I remember that day well, as I do with a lot of my 'Mef moments.

I used to sit and listen to my Unbelievable tape single over and over, and then usually go and watch the video over and over. And once Schubert Dip came out, it was all over for me... I was HOOKED! I remember the first time I heard "Travelling Not Running," I was shaking... What a voice! Those are some of my most favorite memories...

I even wrote in to the magazines that printed EMF pictures... one of them got published! It was a silly teen magazine (and I was definitely a teen!), but it was still one step closer to where I am today. =) Click to see it!

I never got the chance to see the band the first time around, seeing as how they only came to my city once, on the Schubert Dip tour. I missed them since I was not allowed to go alone AND I didn't have any friends who liked EMF! Seems almost hard to believe now...

So, after 10 long and painful years of waiting, I FINALLY got to see them live... 2 times in 2 days, and in England no less. It was worth the wait, and I got to keep the promise I made to myself when I was 15...

I went back to London in April 2003 to spend my birthday with some of the EMF boys and also my pals from Jesus Jones and Sum Demeana...

Cara with drummer pal Tony, James, bassist pal Alec and Ian, April 2003

How it all started...
In October of 1996, I was a junior in college, and I decided that since there were no EMF sites at the time, I was gonna learn how to create a website and make one for them. The band started taking notice a few years later and started to get in touch with me personally. I have also received lovely emails from 'Mef siblings David Atkin, Gary DeCloedt, Jerome Foley and Lee Brownson.

After several years of begging and pleading, James allowed me to become the "official" site in early 1999. It has all been uphill since then!

What started as a small little tribute has become one of the biggest and most thorough band sites on the internet (and, my pride and joy!).

I guess the band truly do appreciate what I am doing for them as well. Look at what they put in the Greatest Hits CD!
They thanked me!
(Do they know how much this means to me??)

I have met tons of people with connections to various members. Making my life much easier (and much more pleasant!) are my good friends Matt, Ollie, Paul, Goldmund and Francis.

So, that's the story of how a little girl from Cleveland got to fulfill her teenage dreams and become the head of the EMF empire! =) And I certainly could not have done it without the thousands of other loyal and obsessed fans still out there!

BIG thank you to James, Derry, Mark, Ian and Zac for changing my life, and for being the nicest guys I have ever met!

If you want to learn even more about me, click here.