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The Asbo Death Cult Sessions Trouble On The Waltzers EP Named & Shamed Fighting On The Dancefloor - EP The Sus Laws

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Ghost Stories Singles & Remixes


Q. Can I have [insert band member]'s email address?
A. No. Sorry, as much as I'd like to share that infomation, I cannot. While not all of the boys have email, the ones who do don't want it spread all over the internet.

Q. Can I have [insert band member]'s phone number?
A. Does that one even need to be answered? ;)

Q. What does EMF stand for?
A. Ah yes, the age old question. While the rumors have it almost set in stone as Ecstacy Mother Fuckers, nobody knows for sure. Use your own imagination.

Q. Do you know the band personally?
A. Yes. I finally got to meet them during the Reunion week of June, so now we are real friends. All of the boys email me, and usually (besides email) messages are passed on to each other through our many mutual friends.

Q. Can you give a message to [insert band member] for me?
A. No. I'm sorry, I don't talk to them enough to remember to give each individual messages.

Q. Can you email me MP3's?
A. No. It takes too long and is too much of a hassle. If you'd like to hear a song, email me a request and I will add it at my next update.

Q. Do you know where I can find [insert album/item here]?
A. The best chance you have of finding anything EMF is on eBay. I have found a wealth of rare and absurd items for very cheap there. If it's not there, try second hand record stores (as EMF albums are out of print) and the internet.

Q. Why did EMF break up?
A. Why does anyone break up? Too many differences, musical and otherwise, lead to the demise of the band.

Q. Will EMF ever get back together?
A. Where have you been? They are, at least for now, back together and kicking ass! Find out where they are going to be by clicking here.

Q. Can I trade you [insert item here] for [insert item here]?
A. I rarely do trading anymore. I have reached a point where I have just about everything music-wise. I am looking for a few ultra rare things, and that's it. I am, however, always on the lookout for pictures I don't have, posters and other memorabilia.

Q. Will you sell me [insert item here]?
A. Sorry! Nothing I have is for sale!

Q. Whatever happened to DJ Milf?
A. Milf's new band is called Stateside Hombres, and they opened for EMF at the London Astoria show.

Q. Is [insert band member] dating anyone?
A. I know you'd all like to know, but it's not my place to discuss their private lives. Mark made it public that he got married, but beyond that, please don't ask me those things!

Q. I'm having trouble with the video you sent me...
A. If you live in Europe, chances are because you didn't get the video converted. America is NTSC format video and Europe is PAL format. What this means is you can put the video in and play it, but you'll get a load of static with a little bit of sound. It's easy to get it converted but could be a bit costly (depending on the length). My guy charges me about $20 for each hour of tape converted.

Q. How come you don't have the tabs for "Unbelievable"?
A. The fact is, I know nothing about playing guitar, so until someone who does sends me correct tabs, I won't have it up! Sorry!

Q. My band wants to cover [insert song here] on our new record. What do I need to do?
A. If you would like to record one of EMF's songs without changes to the music or lyrics, please obtain a mechanical license from the Harry Fox Agency. They can be reached by phone at (212) 370-5330 or retrieve more information regarding mechanical licensing from: The National Music Publishers Organization. For any further copyright information needed for songs that you know are controlled by EMI, please fax all requests to EMI Music Publishing attn: Copyright Department - (212) 830-5198 (Fax) or e-mail

Q. How do I get in contact with [insert band member here]?
A. For right now, looks like seeing them at a gig would be your best bet. Please do remember that I cannot pass on messages to the boys for you.

Q. Does the band look at the site?
A. Yes, they do! I can't say exactly how often, but I know they pop in from time to time and request little changes or say what they like about it.

Q. I am a promoter/agent and I want to know how to get in touch with the band's management. Can you help me?
A. I'm always up for helping promote the boys, so send me an email with your company name, type of business, phone number and URL and I will forward it to the right people.

Q. Do you know Jesus Jones too?
A. I suppose they go together! Yes, I know Jesus Jones. I partied with them all for 3 days in June, 2002. And then besides that, I email with Iain and am very good friends with Tony (plus doing a website for him =). I share a good mutual friend of Mike's and email him occasionally and have met Jerry on several ocassions and hung out with Al too. Wiff (Wiffkin, Wiffy) is pretty damn cool too.