Cara's Wild EMF Adventure

Cara's Wild EMF Adventure!

Tuesday, June 5, 2001
This was it! The day of the big Astoria gig! Everything today required a little extra care, from my hair to my makeup to my extra special clothes.

The time was going very slow in anticipation of the evening's events. But at the same time... the sooner it started, the sooner it would all be over! But I tried not to think about it that way.

Today was really nervewracking, so obviously food of any kind was out of the question! This almost caught up with me later in the evening, but luckily adreniline (and a little ecstacy) carried me happily through the night.

So, Matt, Chris and I headed down to the Astoria about 5:00 to get a laminated pass from Craig and meet up with other fans at the Tottenham.

We got to the club, but alas, no pass! Arg! So we had to come back in a little while to see if it was ready then...

Off to the Tottenham! Matt ordered me a drink... First we met Ryan, another wonderful American who was in London especially for the show. Ryan got me a refill on my drink... Next came Alex. He is one of my oldest EMF friends from years back, and meeting him was so cool! And yes, he also bought me a drink. Now comes Andi and Dale from the night before. This was especially fun since they were not even supposed to come. Andi yelled at me from his car while we were walking down the street towards the pub to let me know. The day keeps getting better! Then was Andy and Lisa. Andy is one of the biggest and most devoted 'Meffers on earth and his enthusiasm got me pumped up! (Maybe the alcohol also had something to do with it! =)

By this time I had decided that 3 drinks was more than enough for me on an empty stomach. I couldn't stand still anymore and was overly happy. We got Ian on the phone who also decided I had enough to drink!

At this point we all decided to walk over to the Astoria and hang out. But wait... I had no way of getting in! My pass never got to me. In a panic, I called Ollie, who then called James to tell him. So, what happened was, James came out to meet me in front of the venue to give me a pass. Yes, I was calm and cool, but as soon as he walked away, I turned around to my friends and gave a little teenybopper squeal. Maybe I am not used to being friends with him just yet!

Now we were ready to go! Matt and Chris headed back to the Tottenham for some more drinks, while I spotted Derry inside. I went in to talk to him, and Andy, Lisa, Andi and Dale followed me in. So now we're hanging out with DB and taking pictures, and all is good in the world. When he had to go, we went down to take our places by the stage.

I think I must have met about 30 people that night who just came up to me and introduced themselves. It was the BEST. I met friends old and new, and people I had not actually talked to before.

The concert itself was absolutely fantastic. The boys were in top form and the crowd of about 1500 strong were well into it! I had the bruises to prove it!

Worth mentioning is definitely the highlight of the gig for me... right before the band did "Unbelievable," James looked out and said, "Where's Cara?" So of course I screamed and he looked right at me, smiled, and said, "This one is for you, and only you!". OH MY GOD! Could it get any better than that?? I travelled 4000 miles to get my favorite song dedicated to me!


So when the gig was over, it was time to party! I met about 5 people while being pushed out the door, so unfortunately, I didn't get to spend too much time with them. I also got seperated from the people I came with, but luckily I found Ollie and Jenny, so we went to the party together. I regathered most of my group once inside (but only temporarily). I was bouncing around between people, finally ending up with Ollie and James, lots of booze and some E. I had to thank James for the dedication of course, and he gave me a lovely kiss and told me, "It's the least we could do!" He does know the right things to say!

I also finally got that laminated pass I needed hours earlier, thanks to my always wonderful Matt! So at the very least, I had a great souvenir.

During the course of the night, I got quality chats with Mark and Ian, and got to meet their lovelies, Michelle and Virginia. I also got to meet Mark's brother Gary, Derry's brother Lee, Jerry from Jesus Jones and Carter USM!

We ended up dancing and partying the night away until about 2:30, at which point it all broke up and we headed back home.

I unfortunately would not see any of the 'Mef boys again before I went home 5 days later, but I think now I can safely call them friends of mine, and I do look forward to meeting again! Come to the States, boys!


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