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News Archives - 1999 & Older

Following the purchase of Island records parent company (Polygram) by Seagrams Limited (the people who own Universal Studios and may other companies) Carrie have been dropped by their record label. There is no news as to which label the boys will now sign.....

--news thanks to Carrie Web--

Happy New Year! It is now official that LK have decided to split. Derry has a new band, whose name I will post as soon as I find out... Thanks to the LK fans for support over the past year and a half.

Cooler news from Ollie... new show dates:

The shows are on Tuesday 1st december and Saturday 5th December. The first one is at the SS20 Snowboard party in Oxford and the second is at the 333 in Old St, London,(postponed from a couple of weeks ago).

Note: Derry was gonna fill in for the Cooler drummer, but apparently will not be coming either (didn't even make it to rehersal!)... they are gonna try and do it without a live drummer!!

Also, a little link I found that is of some interest... The page is called "Special Events for the year 1969". They have a certain singer's birthday hidden under the date 3/29/69 (which is wrong... his birthday is the 28th). But I found it cool that he was remembered!

Cooler news from Ollie!

The single has been put back until next jan or feb.? This is a big pain for us too.? It does mean though that we'll be doing a British club tour of about twenty dates with Fuzz Townsend when it does come out.? This will be followed by the BRA dates.? After that there will hopefully be another single which we've been writing today.? It's a monstrous tune called "Disco Sucks".? I can't wait for people to hear it.

More Cooler news! This is from Ollie himself!

There's not much I can tell you at the moment other than to expand on what I posted last week.? We're supporting Fuzz Townsend at The Wag in Wardour St on 31/10/98 and playing our own show at Sonic Mook at the 333 on 7/11/98.? The new single was cut on friday and is sounding big, nasty and dangerous.?

Thanks Ollie!

COOLER are about to release a new single ,"Supersod", ( 2nd november '98?) and have dates in London on 31st october and 2nd november.? They have replaced their bass player and are now superhuman.? The single with be put out with mixes by Earl Brutus and Hard Knox.

-- Thanks to Ollie --

***Available for preorder from Siren Disc!*** Very Best Of JAPAN CD $27.99
17 track Japanese release includes "Unbelievable" and other best tracks as selected by the band. Release Date: 21-Sep-98

EMF are releasing a "Best Of" CD in the near future!!

Ian is supposed to get me some band photos too!! Also, Mark is touring Australia for pleasure! (Thanks to the guys at Hazlewoods!) LISTEN TO A SONG BY WHISTLER! Also, check out the official Whistler site! More Whistler news from Wiiija:

Wiiija's new signing Whistler have a single out on 25th May. 'Rare American Shoes' is a beautifully sung folky ambient number. Be prepared to be enchanted by Kerry's voice.

Info in Ian's new band and LK stuff! Ian's band is called Whistler and is signed to Wiiija Records.? The been recording songs in a studio and hopefully release something in the near future. For info on LK merchandise, send your name and address to:
PO Box 55
North Devon
EX39 2YR

Got the tracklisting for the Jesus Jones CD called "Greatest"... (looks good too!)

Info Freako
Never Enough
Bring It On Down
Real Real Real
What's Going On
Right Here, Right Now
Welcome Back Victoria
International Bright Young Thing
Starting From Scratch
Who? Where? Why?
Zeroes & Ones
The Devil You Know


I got this via email today. Any new info on this is urgently needed!This January 1999, EMI-Capitol is releasing a special CD, "EMF/Jesus Jones: Back to Back." Thanks to Greg for the info.

Info on the new LK single, titled "You"
(tentatively set for an April 13th release)... here is the tracklisting:

1. You
2. You (Hoodlum Priest Remix)
3. Chickenbone
4. Chickenbone (Surfers For Satan Remix)

Thanks to Richard Sheldrake for the info!

I got some single release dates... LK's new single, called "You", will be released April 13th. Carrie's new single (a follow-up to the already successful "Molly"), will be called "California Screamin'", due out April 20th.

(including more Cooler info!)
*Cooler* NEW! A rep from Polydor UK wrote me back and told me he'd send me some pictures and bio info on Cooler! He also said they are building a site for the band, but didn't say when it would be up. Right now they are working on their first album...They are signed to Polydor Records and have a gig scheduled for FEBRUARY 27th, London Complex.
SOMEBODY GO AND TAKE PICTURES!*LK*The next single is a double A side with YOU and CHICKENBONE as the first tracks and two great remixes of each on the reverse. Release date is set for April 20th and there will be 7" single, CD single and also a club mix single released at the same time. Hoodlum Priest remixed the tracks on the CD single. Also a possible tour starting March 20th with Feeder.*Mark*Finally some news on Mark! He has a new band but as of yet they have no name. They are scheduled to play their first gig in July sometime, so be looking out for it!! Check out the Mark section for an article (from the Gloucester paper) and picture!*Carrie*Their new single titled "Molly" is due out March 2nd.

I now have confirmation that James's band's name is definitely Cooler...

News on James!It has been confirmed that his new band's name is Cola, and is a duo of James and his friend Ollie. They have a song called "Technog" that has been described as "a mellow techno style thing with no vocals, tho the background bits were quite 'Meffy in places."

More info on James!

James was spotted at a club called Frequency in L.A. on 11/14... he was playing keyboards with Bentley Rhythm Ace. Apparently, he also did some work on their album.--Thanks to Jon Justice, DJ at X103.9 in San Bernadino, CA

News on James!!!According to the new Select, James (in an article about Bentley Rhythm Ace) describes his new band (I think called Sola Cola) as "The hardest techno band in the world."

LK news from Derry's brother, Lee Brownson!

LK are doing great, the single is out on November 17th, 1997 with the album released in late January '98. We shoot the video to the first single, DIA, next week in London (a kind of Eraser Head, mini film epic kind of vibe, very dark and quirky) with the band being, well, being us really !!----This is old (from May), but for some reason was never posted... weird!----James has joined forces with Bentley Rhythm Ace in the live arena and also records his own project called Sola Cola with a couple of friends. When this sees more than just a white label release, which it is at the moment, I do not know.

Carrie are touring with China Drum and Cable.... and at the end of October they have their own tour before finishing off their album for early next year...
James is working with Bentley Rhythm Ace and often appears live at their gigs.... I think Ian has got in to the record producing side of things... but I haven't got a clue what Mark is doing...

**Straight from Derry's mouth... LK news!**
We've got a single coming out on Island Records in the UK in October. We're currently recording with Roli Mossiman (The The, Faith No More, Young Gods)... Things are busy- we're playing the CMJ music marathon in New York on September 4th at the Continental.

Carrie's new single "Breathe Underwater" is out Sept 29th. B-sides are "Need to Breathe", "Pro Tournament Goth" and "Mary Jane".. also they are recording b-sides at the moment..

LK and Carrie are performing at the Reading Festival, August 1997. LK's debut single is due in September (Island Records). Carrie is also in the studio recording an album, and may release a new single soon.

EMF have split up.
Derry is releasing a single soon with his new band.
James is also working on a dance project.
Also, Zac's new band is called Carrie... the members are:
Vocals/guitar: Steve Ludwin/ Bass: Zac/ Guitar: Dennis Dicker/ Drums: Bruce Pawsey--Thanks to Paul Jones

"Unbelievable" is #218 on the MTV Top 500!

James has been appearing live with Bentley Rhythm Ace, which is the brainchild of ex-PWEI member Richard March.
(--Thanks to Andy Walker)

EMF will be featured on an upcoming Gary Numan tribute album. The guys will be doing their interpretation of Numan's "We Are Glass". The album is titled Random and is due out in late May 1997.
(--Thanks to

EMF are writing new material at a studio in Shoreditch, East London. However, at the moment they are looking for a new record label deal to sign up for.
(--Thanks to Paul Jones.)

I got this news via email a few days ago...I bought Sky magazine today and under the new singles it says...."Ex-EMFers Carrie mix up West Coast harmonies and surfer dude rock with 'Birds'". --Thanks to

The old news...NEWS FLASH!!! Rumor has it that the band has officially broken up... Derry has a new band (I'm unsure of the name right now) and Zac also has been seen with side projects, after being the first to leave the band, which had the same 5 members since 1989... But there is also rumor of a new member, perhaps to replace Zac and keep the 'Mef alive...