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News Archives - 2002

Happy New Year!
As we finally close out the tragic 2002, I want to wish all of you a healthy and happy 2003! Thank you for your continued love and support.
Long live the new flesh!

Gig pics!
The first batch of pics are in!! The boys look absolutely BEAUTIFUL and seeing them together again (only 4 of them I mean) brings tears to my eyes. Go to the Donations section to see the newest batch of pics.
A million thanks to Sarah!

I have also created a new section under Pictures, it's the Post-Zac era pics...

Updated venue information
Please note the change of venue name information in Cinderford. The owner of the pub contacted me to get me the correct name.

Happy Birthday Zac
Well, today our bass player would have been 32 years old. Hard to believe he's gone, even after almost a year... but he'll always be a part of EMF.

Info on the Cinderford gig
Details on the Cinderford gig at the end of the month.

The Woodlands, St Whites Rd, Cinderford.
Strictly no advanced tickets available doors open at 7pm.

If anyone needs a B&B apparently The White horse pub is pretty basic but good and only 50 yards down the road.

And this gig info was posted at Mark's request... so, thanks MD!

Ever wanted to ask EMF a question??
Now you can! Ian and Mark have agreed to answer questions that YOU, the fans, want to know! So put on those thinking caps and then send me your questions.

* I'll be taking them until Friday, December 6, 2002.

Click here to go to the ASK EMF page!

Happy Birthday Derry!
Happy 3-2 to DB. Glad he's back with the band and playing bass.

More from Mark!
"We're doing a charity gig at a club in London in the next two weeks, unfortunately it sold out months ago. We're only performing 2 tracks, it's a kind of get up and jam thing with loads of other celeb type people."

No more details, as it's sold out anyway... sorry folks. :(

And then they're going to be in Cinderford next month!

"We will be playing a very small pub style gig in the Forest of Dean on the 21st December....the other clue is that it's in Cinderford. We're putting this on for abit of fun and to air some of the new material..."

It's a bit of a game as to where it is... but he says:
"Well it's on Saturday night, doors open a 7pm and it's a first come first serve basis, there's only about 5 pubs in the area so it shouldn't take people long to find out which one it is........"

Update on the band
Courtesy of Mark via the message board:
"James, Derry, Ian and I have recently finished 5 new tracks in the studio and it's sounding excellent :) It's taken a while because we've had quite a few things going in our lives, most of which not the easiest to deal with.....the time hasn't been right! Losing someone so close is never easy but time is taken care of this, so now now we feel we have something worth singing about.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy it has much as we do."

Happy Birthday to us!


100 greatest albums
Rolling Stone magazine is having a poll as to the 100 greatest albums ever as voted by the fans. Why not go over there and vote for EMF? Find the link here.

An actual single by a cover band...
A band called scycs have covered "Unbelievable" and it's an actual single with a video and everything! Mario has been kind enough to send me a copy and it's not a bad rendition... sort of metally like most of the others. I will get a stream up of it soon.
Take a look at the cover...
scycs - Unbelievable

Happy Birthday ID!
Wishing a wonderful day to our awesome guitarist, The Live ID!!
Happy birthday Ian!!

If you like EMF...
And I know you do. ;) Here is a band I'd like for you to check out. They're called Sum Demeana, and my friend Tony is the drummer. They have a dark 'Meffy sound and I'm sure you'll like them. I'm almost done with their website, but for now, check them out here.

Sweet Baby J
Here he is! This is little Jaydn (at approx. 8 hours old)!
A million thanks to MD for sending this to me today!
Isn't he adorable??
Jaydn Rhys De Cloedt

More info on Mark's baby!
MD posted this on the message board today:
"Yep! He's here weighing in at 7lb 10oz's. Born 2.30am in just under an hour!!! even more gorgous than his mother....what a mental two weeks it's been :))))

Raise a class for Jaydn Rhyse De Cloedt when you get chance...

Love to all.."

Congrats again Mark! And he wouldn't be so bad if he looked a little like his dad too! ;)

The first EMF baby has arrived!
Ian reported in this morning:

"Mark and Michelle had Jayden 2.30am Wed 17th July, everyone is doing well!"

CONGRATS to Mark and Michelle!!!

Happy birthday Mark!
Today the best drummer in the world celebrates his birthday... 33 wonderful years old.
Can't wait for his new arrival...

Update on the Derry situation
It appears nothing is for sure right now. This comes from Ian this morning: "it's still all up in the air as far as I can tell..."
Looks like we will just have to wait and see.
The boys are continuing to work on new material as well.

Derry left?
With the rumors swirling that Derry has left EMF and the accusations of me not reporting it, let me say something. I was indeed hinted to by the boys a few months back that Der was not going to be a part of the band anymore. However, I assumed that one of them would actually ask me to say something if it was definite. And Derry himself has not contacted me since right after Zac died. The boys have been VERY busy and so emails have been sparse. I will do my best to clarify this matter asap.

The Forest Ball
Got this from the message board, but still trying to confirm it:

The Forest Ball is confirmed and will take place on Saturday July 25th, 8pm-4am, at Speech House in the Forest of Dean.
Main stage acts: James Atkin (EMF), D.G.Brownson (Formerly EMF),Flipside(hip hop = funk),Stateside Hombres(Skatty productions),Second to none(UK breakdance champions), Judy Speedway(punk rock from the Forest),Badly.D(bunky country funk) and Fudge Republic.
The Big top acts: The Ratpack, The Angry Mexican Dj's live PA amnd a host of other Dj's.
Tickets are limited(3-4000) and cost £27.50 plus booking fee.
Dress code smart dress or fancy dress.
Information line 01989 763201

Back from roadtripping 1000 miles with Jesus Jones and had a fantastic time. Had a weekend very similar to that of the EMF reunion week exactly one year ago. If you want to read about my JJ journies, click here. I have added some of my pics from the gigs to the Tribute to JJ section as well.

Road trip
Any 'Meffers who live in the Buffalo and/or Baltimore area who are coming out to see Jesus Jones this weekend, come over and say hi cuz I'll be there too!

NO gig in the Forest
Got an email from James tonight confirming there will be NO gig in the Forest for the boys. Why? Cuz it's right around the time when Mark's baby is due. At least it's for happy reasons...

Gig in the Forest?
Still trying to confirm this, but according to the BBC, the boys will play a gig that pays tribute to Zac in the Forest on July 27.

Read the story here.

Tox screen results
NME has reported the results of Zac's toxicology report.

"EMF star ZAC FOLEY died from a cocktail of drink and drugs while celebrating New Year, an inquest heard today (May 20).

Pathologist Dr Diana Cox found high traces of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, barbituates and alcohol in the tragic musician's blood."

Find out the whole story here.

Unbelievable hoax?
Not quite sure what to make of this but I thought I'd post it anyway. This is supposedly a hoax of a Prodigy song... but the samples at the beginning were worth noting.
Click here to take a listen.

Review of One Hit Wonders on VH1
Well, apparently it was on an hour later, but I got it on tape regardless. It was about 2 minutes long, and they mentioned the controversy over the name back in 1991, and actually mentioned both the reunion and Zac's death. I will get a video clip up of it if possible, as my video card is a bit shot right now... I'm sure they will be reshowing it all weekend for those who missed it.

One Hit Wonders on VH1
TV alert.... Thursday at 9pm on VH1 in the States, is a show about the top 100 One Hit Wonders... our boys come in at #31 (go to to see all the list) and I figure it should be on about 9:25 or around there. It seems they spend about 2.5 minutes on each song/artist, so it should be interesting to see what do or don't mention...

Cooler is back!
At least for one night. That's right, Cooler, James' super techno trio is doing a one-off gig in London on May 24, 2002. Find them at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. Click the flyer for more info.

EMF sampled in song
A band called Soulwax has sampled the Boot Lane Mix of Unbelievable on their remix of the Beastie Boys track "Body Movin." It's really cool and if you get to about 1:50 in the song you'll hear the sample, and it lasts until the end of the song pretty much...

Thanks to Matthew for sharing it with me.

Jesus Jones Rarities CD
I am posting this here because it is something my friend Elaine and I collaborated on. It's a rarities CD for "Perverse", and what I did was design and build the flash menu and the artwork/sleeve. It's really awesome and if you like Jesus Jones, you should have it. The price is £8/$12 regardless of where you live... and it's called "Bandware" meaning 50% of the price goes into promoting the band. The main feature on the CD is a gig from London, 1993, but it is enhanced with photos, video and other goodies. Click here to buy it and see. =)

To our wonderful vocalist...
Happy Birthday James!

Lyrics at last!
It's been a long time coming, but I finally have the OFFICIAL lyrics to Stigma and Unexplained in my hands. Now I have to get them typed and I will post them. I am also getting the lyrics to the 2 new songs, "Incredible" and "Let's Go".

Big thanks to ID for getting these to me.

NME report
"EMF'S LIGHT BURNS AGAIN"... Read it here.

Report from Ananova
Apparently someone over there got James' statement and posted it. Check it out here.

Statement and thanks from James
"Not a great start to the year, life without Zak is hard to get used to.

Thanx for all tributes, I know his family and the rest of the band were very moved by the effect it had on everyone. The funeral was a very quiet affair at the wish of the family. The memorial was a nice celebration of Zak's life with Nick Mander and Derry both saying some words and me & Ian playing a guitar piece, everyone ended up in the pub afterwards having a drink for him!

We've decided to carry on although it will be quite a different band without Zak. This week we started demoing some new tunes with the guy who programmed the Gorillaz album (sounds Ace). Got some interesting news about some cool managers, I can't say yet but it would be the best (fingers crossed). Still planning to tour the U.S in the late summer if everything goes to plan.

Thanx again for everyone's support over the years.

Speak soon
James Atkin."

More on Jesus Jones
Good news for Jesus Jones fans... the band is currently #40 (overall) and #2 (pop) on the charts with their awesome single, "Nowhere Slow." Head on over to's JJ site and download the single and push them to #1. Also that band's website has a new look and loads of new fun things, so check it out.

(Don't ask me how I got sucked into being a crusader for JJ ;)

Birthday wishes...
Just want to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my pal and fellow EMF fan, Tony, drummer for Jesus Jones. =)

Anarchic Adjustment for sale!
ZedZed emailed me this morning offering some Anarchic Adjustment shirts kind of like the ones the boys used to wear. If you're interested in them, click here to email him.

2 x anarchic shirts, one xl in very good condition, the other, 'interdimensional' size l in good nick, althoughit has been washed a few times, but no holes and print is in top condition. both have the cirle A logo on the back of the neck area.

Ash pay tribute to Zac
Rock band Ash paid tribute to Zac 2 nights ago in their gig at the London Astoria. Find out more by clicking here.

Thanks to all those who alerted me.

Ask Jesus Jones
Slightly off the EMF topic... ever wanted to ask the boys in Jesus Jones a question? Now is your chance. Put on your thinking cap and then click here to go to Elaine's site and fill out the questionaire.

What a month...
Tomorrow is the last day of what has been the most tragic month in EMF history. Things appear to be winding down now and getting back to "normal" again. Thanks to all the fans from for your love and support during this tough time.

Zac's memorial
A memorial service was held on Friday for Zac's close friends. Reports have come in that it was very touching, with tributes by Nick Mander, Derry and Iain Baker, and also an acoustic set featuring James and Ian.

Gloucester Citizen
Got alerted to a story from Friday in this paper. Find it here.

Thanks to Wolves Jo for sending it.

Thank you from Derry

The healing begins...
Zac was laid to rest today, so now we begin the healing process. Again, all our love and sympathy goes out to the Foley family and of course James, Mark, Ian and Derry.

News roundup
Found some more stories. News Interactive, In The Mix, Ham & High and The Sunday Times.

Email issues
Been having some problems with email as of late... messages being delivered hours late and sometimes not at all. Hopefully getting it resolved soon.

Another story on NME
The NME has published another story on their website, this one mostly about the Foley family message posted here earlier in the week. Find it by clicking here.

Thanks to Rob for alerting me to it.

WOW... the counter now says over 100,000, which is amazing... We hit 50,000 last January 30, so that is twice the amount of hits as the previous 4 years in less than a year. Make sense? Course we have had 20,000 hits in the past 2 weeks alone. But at any rate... thanks for your support!

For The Record
To lighten the mood a little... while playing a music trivia game over the weekend with a friend called "For The Record," we ran across this question. And just in case you didn't know the answer, it's posted underneath.

Charitable donations?
I have had some requests of people wanting to send donations in the form of a charity rather than flowers. No specific charities have been decided on yet, so if you'd like to send money to the address below, it will be sorted out after the funeral. I was told animal charities are good since Zac had a fondness for animals.

Current tribute count
For those counting (I have lost count)... All I know is printed out it prints at 25 pages. Thank you to all fans around the world who have contributed.

Message from the Foley family
Zachary Sebastion Rex James Foley died 02/01/02

Rex, Anne, Annemarie and Jerome Foley Would like to say thank you to everyone for there love, kindness and many hugs sent through tributes from different parts of the world.

We take comfort in knowing Zachary was special to many people and left his mark in many different ways.

Zac is a spiritual soul. It is good to know that his light shines so bright, touching and reaching out to so many.

We are honoured that Zac chose us for parents and brother, giving thanks to the love and joy he brought to us.

We know his love and spirit is with us always. We shall meet him again in the rainbow kingdom.

Rex, Anne, Annemarie, Jerome (Muffin, Willow and Lucy) Family pets Zac adored.

Flowers for the funeral
Please make sure if you want to send flowers for Zac's funeral, send them in time to be received by Friday, January 18.
Remember this is a PRIVATE funeral. Do not ask me for details as I will not give them out.
Sorry, but it is at the request of the family and the band.

send flowers to:

Collier & Brain LTD
Funeral Directors
The Cross
GL17 9ED

EW... This is it?
I'm a bit disappointed. Entertainment Weekly called me and hassled me for almost 10 minutes... for this??

The Daily Telegraph
Obituary here.

Message from AnneMarie
"I just want to thank everyone for sending in tribute`s for my brother Zak. It`s been a week since I heard of his death, I still can`t believe he`s gone. I last saw him on 31st Dec 2001. I didn`t expect that to be the last time.

I loved him dearly and I`m really going to miss him.

Thanks to everyone, and to you also Cara. I think you have done a wonderful job on this site and it is very tastefully done,,My blessing to you,

love from AnneMarie x"

Current tribute count
They now clock in at over 200. Keep them coming!

Too... many... hits...
The site has gotten SO many hits over the past week (almost 12,000 to be exact...) that it has already used up all the bandwidth alloted for the month. Luckily I have spoken to my hosting service and they have agreed to let it go... for now.
(Tech speak: in a normal month the site receives 35,000 page views. This month already we have received 90,000.)

The Independent
Find the obituary here.

As the story gets around...
What a day. I have been contacted by The Independent, Ham & High and now Entertainment Weekly, all who wish to write a story about Zac.

Send flowers
Fans wishing to send flowers for Zac, please send them to:
Collier & Brain LTD
Funeral Directors
The Cross
GL17 9ED
Arrangements have not yet been made, so stay tuned for dates as to when to start sending your flowers.

Statement coming
Expect an official statement from the band coming soon. In the meantime, ALL PRESS AND FANS PLEASE RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF ZAC'S FAMILY AND EMF.

Details will be made available ON THIS SITE as soon as possible.

This morning I was contacted by MTV America. They are going to run a news story on their channel as soon as they get some more info.

Statement from Mark
"To everyone who sent in tributes......all I can say is I am numb with the loss of such a dear friend. I would like to personally thank everyone for their kind words it has helped a great deal..thank you...and remember he's at peace now."

Tribute overload!
We now have over 100 tributes. Please keep them coming!

Here is the story for the BBC that I contributed to. Very nicely written. Read it here.

Story here.

Story here.

Celeb condolences
Some of the band's old celeb friends are grieving with us.
Jesus Jones and Carter USM have posted tributes to Zac.

A little comic relief...
My best attempt anyway. The site has gotten 5,000 hits since Thursday night. I fear for a complete website meltdown! =)
In retrospect, the site used to get the same amount of hits in about a month and a half (in a normal time of course).

Story here.

Story here.

Jam! Canada
Story here.

Virgin Mega
Story here.

The Sun
Story here.

Gloucester Citizen
Story here.

Drowned in Sound
Story here.

Coming along slowly...
If you send something in and it doesn't get posted right away, don't panic. I am working as fast as I can... too many people loved Zac it seems. It's been very difficult for me to throw all this together, and I can't do much without breaking down and sobbing when I look at pictures.
Your patience is appreciated as I try to make this something Zac would have been proud of...

Story here.

More from Jesus Jones
Tony from Jesus Jones (drums) sends out his condolences to EMF fans.

Music Goes On
Story here.

Story here.

Radio 1
Find the story from Radio 1 here.

XFM and Iain tribute
Today on Iain Baker's (Jesus Jones keyboards) radio show on XFM, he dedicated the whole show to Zac. He tells me: "it's a small gesture, but one that I felt I had to do."

BBC info
I have been contacted by the BBC in regards to a piece they are writing. Look for it soon.

Story on NME
Surprised it took this long... click here to read it.

The tributes are already rolling in. If you'd like to contribute one to be posted on the site and passed on to Zac's family, email me

To see what fans are saying, click here...

Tragic confimation
Unfortunately, I have to confirm rumors that Zac passed away this morning. They are not rumors, they are in fact true.

Zac was 31 years old.

More as it becomes available.

He will always be in our hearts.

Fans wishing to contribute tribute messages to the site and to Zac's family, please send them to me here.