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News Archives - 2003

Happy Birthday Zac
Today Zac would have been 33. Still missing you!

Update on Derry
I had a lengthy conversation with Derry on Wednesday evening, and he's updated me on what he's been up to. I might get to do his website for his solo stuff under D.G. Brownson, he's going to be sending me CDs and photos... Be checking this space for more info. Also, he's going to be selling a lot of his personal EMF collection... so when I get more info, I'll post it here. Thanks Der!

Happy Birthday Derry!
Happy 33 to Derry B!!


More BSD
I received some photos from Rachael from BSD... also some gig dates! Be sure to go and support James!

Friday 19th September
The Monarch (Headlining)
Chalk Farm Road
On Stage 9pm

Saturday 20th September
Egg (Plus DJ Set)
York Way
On Stage (Late)

Beauty School Dropouts
I have created a section now under After-EMF for James' new project.
I'm hoping to secure the website too. :)
Anyway, for now, you can find info on here!

Check this out...
The debut EP is out from Sum Demeana, another band I do a website and design/promotion/etc for. My friend Tony is the drummer for the band, and I am sure EMF fans will enjoy their music (think the darkness of Stigma with a little more goth flavour). All I ask is you go to their website and check out the samples of the songs, and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy! We all thank you in advance for your support :)
Sum Demeana - Candy Falls EP

Happy Birthday Ian!!
Birthday wishes to the Live ID on his special day!! Hope it's a great one!

Johnny English
America is finally getting the release of the movie "Johnny English" staring Rowan Atkinson this weekend. If you catch the TV trailer, you'll hear about half of the commercial uses "Unbelievable" in the background.

Happy Birthday Mark!
Wonderful birthday wishes today to the best drummer in the world!!

Beauty School Dropouts!
This is a call out from James to everyone to come out and see his new band! He wants to see loads of people at these gigs, so don't disappoint him and tell him I told ya to go!

'3 piece ferral feline fronted dark electrodisco ball rattling sub bass minimal subversive bliss'
29th May, Bull & Gate, Kentish Town
7th June, The Verge, Kentish Town
13th June, The Monarch, Camden Town
11th July, The Egge, Kings Cross

I'm thinking if you can go, you better!! ;)

Stateside Hombres
This comes in from Lydia:
"just a quickie to let you know that Milf's stateside hombres are down to play at the Levellers Festival "Beautifuldays" in Devon this August more details on their site or at"

"Every Tuesday and Thursday during the lunch hour, we're now playing A-Z titles of a different artist every week. This means a huge 2 hour program of your favorite retro artists at lunch!

Week of May 19th: EMF! EMF from A-Z at lunch 5/20 and 5/22!"

Too bad EMF is not an 80s band. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right??

You can find their site here: fpunk

Message board back up
The message board is back up now. Unfortunately, we have to start over with no posts. But I'm sure we can fill it up. Anyway, the guestbook and trading board are still down, as are the SD demos. I hope to have it all back by the weekend.

Going down...
The message boards, SD demo mp3 and maybe some other things are going to be down temporarily. I am selling the domain, (which also means I need to find a new home for the Cooler site) so it involves reconfiguring some stuff and the usual hassles. It shouldn't be too long before it's all back, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Back from London
I am home now from across the pond. I saw James and Ian twice during the trip (together on my birthday and then again separately). No new news except James has a new project called Beauty School Dropouts.
So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos from the day (also in some of the pics are Tony (Jesus Jones/Sum Demeana) and Alec (Sum Demeana).
Birthday in London 2003 Birthday in London 2003 Birthday in London 2003 Birthday in London 2003

We partied until 5am... and yes, I was seriously hurting! But it was the best birthday ever! In case you want more, I have more pics on my personal website.

Off to London!
Well, I am taking off for London for 2 weeks, and I leave Monday. As I am seeing some of the boys on Thursday (my birthday, yay!), if I have anything new or important to report, I will post it here. But as email and internet are not really my priority while on vacation, don't get mad if you don't get a quick reply. ;)

Have fun everyone!


Gig on the BBC

"On March 24th 2003 between 22:00 and 23:00 and March 29th between 6.00 and 7.00, 6music will be playing an archive concert from EMF from their gig at the Kentish Town and Country from 1991."
The show is on BBC radio, and it's called The Dream Ticket, hosted by Janice Long.
Find a link to more info by clicking here.

I was alerted to this by Marcus.
The Best Of CD is being rereleased without the bonus remix CD.
You can find it at Esprit for £8.99 by clicking here.

Shameless promotion!
I am back to promote a fantastic band (I am head of their promotion!)... you see the logo on the lower right of the screen. They're called Sum Demeana, and my good friend Tony is their drummer. They got their first feature on an American music website, so please go and take a look! They're in the Gene Pool.
Watch out for this band... seriously...

Darkness Falls on EMF
This report comes in from my old pal Jason:
I just saw Darkness Falls, that new horror flick about that witch-ghost lady that kills kids. A little ways into it, there's a street scene and a car pulls into the road and holds in the shot for a good couple seconds. Right there in the center of the screen is a blue plate with white letters that read: EMF 013.

For those of you unaware of this significance, EMF 013 is the alternate title of the Japanese CD "Remixes & Collaborations."

One year anniversary
Today marks one year since Zac's death.
Please take a moment today to remember our bass player and his life, which was cut tragically short.
Still missing and loving you, Zac!