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News Archives - 2004

Come see 2/5 of EMF play live!
Got this from James:
Me & Ian are doing two charity gigs:

* 10th Oct at Blacks Club, Dean St., London
(The gig is for the opening of our friend 'Biba's' play called 'Attempts on Her Life')

* 23rd Oct at The Groucho
(The Gang Show charity night)

Go out and see the boys! Have a good time and take pictures!

Derry to open a studio
Finally some news on Derry. He is opening a recording studio for college students in the Forest. You can find a link to The Citizen by clicking here. Thanks to Math for the heads up on the MB!

Official Beauty School site up and running!
I have completed the website for James' new band, Beauty School. New MP3 are up, as well as photos and a bio. You can find it on their domain: I'm looking forward to comments!

Beauty School coming to New York
Beauty School are going to be playing in NYC in January. When I get more specific details I will post them. I'll be there so I hope to see some of you there as well!

Beauty School, light on the Dropouts
So I got an email from James with 2 key points. One, his band is now only called Beauty School, and two, he wants me to do their website! They have a single coming out at the end of the year, and it looks like things are picking up! Keep watching this space for more Beauty School stuff.

For your listening pleasure...

I got an EP by Beauty School Dropouts today.


I'm uploading a few songs for you all to check out.

Disco Sucks and Suicide

I got these from James and he already knows how much I appreciate him, but, THANKS to James once again.

Rumors, rumors
I was trying to wait on this one, but since it's popping up all over Jesus Jones camp, I figured I'd post it. Rumors are swirling that EMF and Jesus Jones might be pairing up for a tour. I don't have more details, I don't even know if it'll happen. However, it gives us some hope that maybe we'll have something to look forward to. If I hear anything else, I'll let you know!

Upgrading the video
I converted the Video Collection and also the Live Video Collection from RM format to MPEG format. This means you can play it in Windows Media player which comes standard with any system. I promise someday to make them better quality when I can get a new video capture card.

Please help
I have put a DONATE button on the bottom of the news. Click on the link to find out what you can do to help keep this site at the top of its game.

VH1 - I Love The 90's
Coming to VH1, finally a series called "I Love The 90's". Their 1991 show will air Monday, July 12 at 10pm EST. As if I already didn't know who was going to be on this show, I heard a bit of "Unbelievable" in the preview (and they showed a half second clip of Derry from the video). I'm really looking forward to this one, IF they do it right... Their "I Love The 80s" series was absolutely brilliant.

Back with a new host!
Sorry for the lack of updates. I switched web hosts for the site, which means a hell of a lot more room... BUT, the bugs will need to be worked out over time (if you find anything broken, report it to me please). All the demos for Schubert Dip are back up and running now! Yay! I also have to get the message board functioning again... sorry about that. I'm gonna try and get the guestbook up again too. Lots of changes, but as you know, we're always gonna be here. =)