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News Archives - 2005

Happy birthday to us!

Today is our birthday... we turn 9 years old!! Next year is going to be the big 1-0... hard to believe... maybe we'll do something special for it. =)

Ad for BT

My friend Elaine sent me this ad from BT that features our boys.

Amanda Ghost - "Girls Like You"

So how many of you saw Ian's band Amanda Ghost on TV last night? Just in case you didn't, I have made a video clip of their performance! They did a song called "Girls Like You" and I dig their sound. You can find the clip by clicking on this link (right click and save-as, please!). Let the world know what you think by posting in the forums too!

Amanda Ghost on TV!! And Gigs!!

This comes from a press release on Amanda Ghost's website:

In March 2005 Amanda Ghost performed at SXSW, Los Angeles and NYC to showcase their new songs to fans and media. On the back of the SXSW performance AMANDA GHOST has been invited to perform live on ABC'S JIMMY KIMMEL on July 19th 2005. This is the first time in the history of Jimmy Kimmel that an unsigned UK act is booked!

While over in the States for the TV performance the band will also play 2 live shows -

the scheduled shows are:

July 20th - LOS ANGELES @ KNITTING FACTORY - ON STAGE: 07:00PM (7021 Hollywood Blvd.)

July 21st - NYC @ SCENIC - ON STAGE: 08:00pm (25 Avenue B)

The Armenian director Johnny Shahnazarian toured with the band back in March and filmed a 45 min. documentary and promo for MONSTER. The promo and an 8 min. teaser are available now.

On returning to the UK the band went back to the studio to finish the new album and also played a series of London shows. Aside from the band, Amanda has co-written songs on James Blunt's UK 'top 3' album including the current single "You're Beautiful" (no 2 in the single charts). In Europe the album is ear marked to be one of the biggest sellers in 2005 and will receive a major push from Atlantic in the States.

This month AMANDA GHOST will release their first single for over 4 years. The track 'MONSTER' will be made available by Universal Digital in digital format only from July 18th onwards. Download details to follow.

Beauty School Update: Gig

James's dance project Beauty School is playing a gig in London on Thursday, July 28 at Madame Jo Jo's.

The address is 8-10 Brewer Street, W1.

Time is 9pm - 2am and the admission is £6.

The 4 closest Tubes are Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

If you go, be sure to take pictures!

News on Jesus Jones: UK Tour Dates

This is an update for the Jesus Jones fans who frequent the EMF site... JJ is doing some dates around the UK in August. They are also doing a festival in Portugal at the end of July.

(This information is courtesy of



4TH AUGUST - GARAGE - LONDON (0870 060 3777), (020 7403 3331 )

Also - Friday 29th July at the Vilar de Mouros Festival, Portugal – main stage.

The bill is currently:
• Peter Murphy
• The Charlatans (tbc)
• Jesus Jones
• Cage Baby

Derry's website!
Derry's new website is up and running.

You can find it at

After you take a look, post your comments on the message board!

New Photo Gallery
I added a new photo gallery to the site. This one is from Coppermine and it's great. It's going to make my life easier. =) Not all the photos are up, but I will be gradually adding them over the coming weeks (I promise!)

Beauty School - new MP3 and news!
The BS site was updated with 3 new MP3 that I really think you need to check out. They have a punk rawk edge to them that I think is awesome!!! Here is the news I posted, courtesy of James:

We have just had a remix of our classic 'Disco Sux' done by 'Ruff & Jam'. This should be out towards the end of the year.

Beauty School play at 'Madam Jo Jo's' in Soho London on the 28th July!!

After EMF Update
I updated the "After EMF" section by creating a new website with info on all the bands (since we have 2 new ones now!)

Ghost gig dates
Ian's band GHOST are playing 4 gigs in the US in March.

March 18 - SXSW, Austin TX (Momos)
March 22 - NYC (Sin-E)
March 23 - NYC (Pianos)
March 24 - LA (King King)

Hope some of you can make it and take pics!

Here is the flyer

Beauty School first single release!

Thursday Club Recordings
Vinyl Addiction

"Massive electro-funk anthem with vocals from ex Fluke warbler Rachel Stewart with guitar from ex EMF man James Atkin. Julian Napolitano (50% of JDS) provides the action for the breaks floors"

Ian's new (old) band
Ian is back working with Amanda Ghost again. You can find their website at: Looks like they're going to be playing some gigs in the US sometime as well.

Thanks to Christian for the info!

Derry's solo material!
Hi everyone!

I received info from Derry regarding his long lost solo material!! Looks like it's going to be available SOON and he wants to make sure you all get to hear it!

Here are the specifics:

* Website will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks.

* Site will have a compilation album with 20 songs on it: (demos, live stuff, stuff i did with James etc). It will be a white label of 1000 copies and will cost £9.99 plus postage. There will be ltd edition stuff included in the package, and im also going to have a remix file sent out so people can do their own remixes.

* I'm very excited and have over 30 new songs to record. There will be lots of albums and soundtrack stuff on the way.

* Downloads will be available soon on my site,and all live recordings will be made available as soon as recorded (i.e the next day hopefully).

* the Kid Blak music are laid back sad songs, while DG Brownson is mostly programed, New Order-ish (most of it though is done live in one take, then built up).

* The 20 odd song compilation called "Shores" can be ordered now via this email:

More info as it becomes available!

A special treat...
Happy New Year to all EMF fans!

I have a very, VERY special treat for all of you (good things come to those who wait eh?)

I have got for you the rare, never before seen music video for Bleeding You Dry. Those of you who read the message board (and if you're not, what are you doing??) know that this came up in conversation with Mark a little while back. Well I promised that if I got a new video card, I'd post it. So, I'm keeping my promise. :)

I hope you enjoy it. When you're done watching it, post on the board about it!! Mark really wants to know your opinions, and you wouldn't want to disappoint him now would you?? ;)

Link: Bleeding You Dry