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News Archives - 2006

New music from Asbo Kid

the asbo kid has a new EP release on Plastique Base Records called 'Trouble on the waltzers'. The EP contains 4 new trax written recorded and produced by the asbo kid -

2.No Point
3.Started It
4.Turn It Up

If u would like to purchase vinyl or download please go to (or click on the link to the right-->)

Thanks for everyones support!!

Request a song on MySpace

So I opened it up again... go over to the EMF MySpace page and request what MP3 you want to hear. Please do it as a reply to the blog and NOT as a email message! Happy voting!

Derry's Site UPDATED!

I received a note from Derry tonight, his website has been completely redone and he has downloadable samples!

Head on over there now and check it out:

And also a big Happy Birthday to the latter!

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October.23.2006 - October 23, 1996 - October 23, 2006

What started out as a small college hobby for me has become bigger and better than I ever could have expected.

As turns 10 years old, I have reflected on its past and wondered where I'd be without it. From the people I have met, to the times I have had, to the things I have learned, it really has shaped me in many ways.

10 years… that is 1/3 of my life!

I remember starting the site on my roommate's computer. He had a program called HomeSite (which I still use today), and it had all sorts of buttons and tools for learning HTML. I was tired of the fact that there wasn't a decent EMF site on the web. There was an "official" site but it fell off the face of the earth not too long after I put mine up. I thought it might be fun to do… I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

I remember a guy named Ian S. who was/is friends with the boys. He was my first real contact, and he passed along messages to James and Derry for me. Hell, he even got Derry to CALL me in Christmas of 1995. (Thanks Ian!)

It started with a few soundbytes, facts and poorly scanned photos. I laugh when I see how primitive it was compared to now. But I kept plugging away, thinking, "When I go to a website, what do I want to see?" and that is how I keep ideas interesting and fresh.

As the site grew, I got more contact from fans ("I thought I was the only EMF fan left!"), and eventually, I got an email from Derry in August of 1997. Ever since then, it's been like a dream. I got to go "official" sometime in 1999, thanks to permission from James.

Of course we all know the history of the band since 1999… the extremely good, and the extremely tragic.

For me personally, the highlight was the reunion gigs in 2001, and meeting the boys for the first time on June 3, 2001. I got to talk to James on the phone about 3 months prior (which was surreal… thanks Ol) and it prepped me for the big summer ahead. It was a whirlwind of fun for me and all EMF fans. I got to see them live for the first time in my life, and it was more than worth waiting for. Hanging out and partying rock-star style was something that still makes some of my friends jealous!

I have been with a few of the boys since 2001 on various trips across the pond, and no longer do they seem like "stars" to me, but like they really are my friends. (Okay, who am I kidding? I still get goosebumps!) If someone would have told me all those years ago that someday I could just talk to the boys and shoot BS with them, I would have said they were crazy. It goes to show that if you want something bad enough, and work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

I guess I also got lucky in that I chose a fabulous group of guys to fall in love with. They have never looked down on me for being nothing more than a "fan" and for that I am truly grateful.

I have said it a thousand times before, (and I know the boys get sick of my mushy sentiments), but I love those boys more than they know, and I am forever thankful to them for what they have meant to me in my lifetime. My continuing dedication to this website is a testament to that (and to them).

Thank you with all my heart, James, Ian, Mark, Derry and Zac (R.I.P.)

Updates to videos

I updated the video page with videos that I had sent out via the email newsletter, but never managed to post links to elsewhere (whoops!) So now you'll find links to Bleeding You Dry along with 2 of the MTV New Years Eve 1992 performances.

Milf on Property Ladder

DJ Milf has been spotted on a show called Property Ladder. I don't have any idea what the show is about, but maybe the website does.

Here is a snippet of what Milf's segment was:

Cottage in Ross-on-Wye
Record producer Gareth Milford is hoping that his hundred year old two bedroom hillside cottage near Ross-on-Wye in the Welsh Borders will be a big draw to people looking for a little peace and quiet.

2004 News Archives Complete

Thanks to the magic of the Way Back Machine, I have found my lost news from 2004.

In the mood for a laugh? I have found (also via WBM) my news from the OLD site! This is all 99 and older news (I can see some of it goes to 97). Have fun with that!

And thanks to my backup discs, I found the Reunion Reviews that people sent in during 2001. Find it under Fan Central.

News Archives and Picture Donations

I have restyled and updated the news archives... almost all of them are there, except for some reason I cannot find 2004! I suppose I'll find it somewhere. =) I know there is some really, really old news I am debating putting up as well (99 and before). I found the picture donations too, and while the page has no style yet, it's there for your viewing pleasure.

This site has waaaay too many sections =)

Watch The Asbo Kid Kicking It Live And Direct!

Don't forget to buy Asbo's album on ITUNES!

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"The Quiet One" Speaks!

Anyone who has followed EMF from the beginning knows that James was famous (or infamous?) for not giving interviews and speaking to the press. Well he has opened up in his old age, and yesterday did an interview on the BBC's Steve Lamacq show. He talks about memories of EMF, what he did in the in-between years and finally, talks about his newest project, The Asbo Kid. I have encoded the interview for your listening pleasure. Thanks to James for the link!

Listen to the interview


I added the Reunion section back, my "Wild EMF Adventure" story, archived the news from 2005 (other years coming soon) and also updated Ian's profile with some new info and pics.

Updated bio and pics for Mark

I added 5 new pics of Mark on his page, along with an updated biography. (If his son Jaydn is not the cutest thing...)

Welcome to the new site!

So it's finally up and running!

You'll notice some stuff missing. It was stuff that I had been meaning to update for some time, but just decided until I do, I'm going to take it off the site. Time is not what it used to be... I hope you all enjoy the new site. Post your comments and suggestions on the message board!

Press Release info for The Asbo Kid


I talked to James Atkin, one half of the ASBO KID, about their strangely named music project, to try to learn more about it.

The ASBO KID began life at the end of 2005 & was formed through the merging of two existing, experienced talents, James Atkin & Pilly Bob. Both were hanging around on street corners, nicking car stereos and partaking in all round trouble making, until they decided to cut their teeth via the darker side of electronic music & started to make their own unique style of Car Alarm Techno.

With influences going as far back as Old School Rave & touching on the Minimal Electro scene, James & Pilly have managed to keep themselves out of trouble enough to create some classic tracks that demand attention.

Pilly Bob hales from a small village in the Yorkshire Dales, not one for leaving his village very often, the parties seemed to come to him. He was very popular with the locals for some reason. At one such party Pilly met James who had recently moved to the countryside. James had left London with a string of eviction orders & environmental health court cases against him. Looking for a new start, with his beloved sound system in hand, he moved to the country, hoping not to upset any more people or get into any more trouble with the police.

James was responsible for singing one of the best known tracks of the 90's "Unbelievable" with his band EMF, he then went off to have massive success clocking up a U.S. number 1 single and a platinum selling album.

Time at the top was short lived though, and it wasn't long before James was back to the glue & crime.

With the ASBO KID , James & Pilly are trying to better themselves a people and are trying to fit back into society.

They have immersed themselves in their music, recording an impressive collection of new material at their make shift studio; Ivy Barn in Yorkshire

However, even with his reputation as a hit songwriter with EMF, record companies will not touch them. His past has made people very wary of him, it's as if the Sex Pistols never existed. Instead of record companies taking a chance with this talented duo who have both had successful musical careers in the past, they are petrified of the repercussions caused by rock stars behaving badly. Not every musician wants to feature in a Mac Donald's advert, like Destiny's Child, and not all musicians have an untarnished past, I once believed that was part of the rules within music, that there were no rules. However, attitudes seem to have changed. The majority of record labels just want another fast, safe consumable, no different to a 'healthy choice' chicken salad from the afore mentioned 'restaurant'. People are becoming more obedient; yet seem to be getting less as a reward.

As a consequence of the ASBO KID being denied a recording contract, James & Pilly have decided to go ahead with an i tunes exclusive release, so you can still get to hear their music even though 'they', the controllers would rather you didn't. It is not the music of Satan and it's not breaking any laws, its just two guys with colourful pasts trying to make good.

Tracks available for download by The ASBO KID (from June 2006) are;

Named & Shamed comes out June 5th!


He's been undercover for quite some time now and so I am proud to introduce everyone to... THE ASBO KID! If you have been around the EMF (or my personal) MySpace, you have seen his link, but you might have asked, "Who is that?" Here is a hint... he has an impressive post-EMF list of techno projects. Check out his fantastic tunes on MySpace:

A little late on the updates...

... but for those of you who are signed up for BLUE HIGHS, you have already received these updates. First off, is the new Beauty School tracks. Their website has 10 new tracks that I received from James a few weeks ago. Make sure you head on over there and download them!

Next, I guess I can share these with the rest of the world now...

3 exclusive video downloads I sent out around New Years Eve... they are of the boys' MTV NYE 1992 performance.
(each one is about 50mb)

Enjoy the videos and MP3!

New links

I added 3 links on the right side of this page... MySpace links for both EMF and Beauty School (and a single one for James!). I just put some MP3 on the EMF one (they should be processed by tomorrow or the next day) and James put up the BS one with the new bio. I plan to update their website with this info, AND some new MP3 very soon!


UPDATE: Watch the ad here... (thanks Math)

I have heard rumors about this but have yet to actually SEE it on TV for myself.

Kraft Cheese has a new product called Cheese Crumbles, and apparently, they have bastardized Unbelievable into "Crumbelievable"!!!

Like I said, I have not actually seen it for myself, so if anyone has a clip or something, please send it to me so I can post it (for a laugh!)

I found lyrics...

You burden me with your groceries, you'd have me buy no eggs
You're always asking what it's all about, now listen at the dinner table
You say to me I don't eat enough, but when I do, I'm a fool
These times I've spent with the crumblings, I'm going to crumble through and eat the cheese

The things you crave, that big cheese taste that blows you away
The things you say, they're crumbelievable (oh)

(New KRAFT Crumbles.)
(Intense nuggets of Real KRAFT cheese crumbled right off the block)
(To give your favorite foods the big cheese taste you'll love)

You're feeding me with our dinner by telling me more that's mine
I'm always so impressed with the cheese you crave you always have to eat
To think of us being one is more than I'll ever know
But this time, I realize I crumble the sharp cheddar

The things you crave, that big cheese taste that blows you away
The things you say, they're crumbelievable (oh)

Seemingly lastless don't mean you can ask us
Craving down the cheese thing, bringing out your Crumbles
Think of the cravings pushing down the better few
Instead of bringing out the salads
To what the world and everything you're used to
Crave yourself with the taste of cheese
I know this world ain't what it seems...It's crumbelievable

You burden me with your groceries, you'd have me buy no eggs
You're always asking what it's all about, now listen at the dinner table
You say to me I only eat enough, but when I do, I'm a fool
These times I've spent with the crumblings,
I'm going to crumble through and eat the cheese

The things you crave, that big cheese taste that blows you away
The things you crave, that's what I eat them more
The things you crave, that big cheese taste that blows you away
The things you crave, they're crumbelievable (oh)
They're so crumbelievable...They're crumbelievable...

That's it for now...

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