Tribute to Zac

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Iīm terrible sorry, really sorry... send all my love and support to his family ...
Fabiola Leyton
Dear all,

I can't believe it.

I know it's bizarre to get so upset by the death of someone you never really knew, but EMF was so huge a part of my life at one time and I was there in Cardiff in 2001.

My love to all Zac's family and friends.

Forgive a stranger's tears,

Jo in Wolverhampton

My thoughts are with Zac,s family and friends at this most tragic time, he was a wonderful person and a great musician, he will be sadly missed by young daughter Chloe will never forget the time he took her to Mcdonalds for a happy meal...she thought it was ace, he didnt stop making her laugh...dont think much food was eaten! God bless you mate!

Always....Jo Pergolis xxxx

I met Zac and Derry in Toronto on December 5th, 1992 before their show. He's the craziest one! Zac I mean. He was very pleasant to me and my girlfriend. I learned the bass by playing along with him on all the albums. EMF are still and will always be my favorite and most inspiring band. Zac will be missed dearly by us all.


Zac was the nicest person I had the pleasure to know. Our thoughts are with his family and we will treasure the memories we have of him for ever.

We love you zac and miss you. Goodbye my sweetheart.....


Firstly I would like to express my sympathies for Zac's family, band-mates & friends.

Secondly, I would like to offer my thanks, first to Cara, for keeping the home fires burning all these years. If it wasn't for you I would never've heard about the London Astoria gigs last year & so attended one of the most enjoyable gigs I can (almost) remember! Second, to the band for reforming, for the same reason. In time, I hope maybe the new material may be officially released.

Lastly & most importantly, my thanks to Zac, for giving my family, friends & I so much pleasure over the years. Your energy, cracking tunes & wicked sense of humour certainly livened up our lives. You will be sorely missed.


What can i say, im totally gutted, My Thoughts go out to his family, his freinds and anyone, who like me only had the opputunity to meet him on a few occasions.
I was at the London Astoria back in the summer of 2001 and was blown away by EMF, it reminded me why i used to rave about them so much. but its not just the music its the people. I last met Zac in Brighton, i went to check out Carrie just to see what he was upto, anyway got chatting to him and came away thinking what a topbloke, totally down to earth, a bloody good laugh, just an all round nice guy. He didnt know me from adam but you would have never known. One of the things that stick out in my mind was a quote he gave on a BBC2 music program, cant remember which program, about his shopaholic tendensies, he said "yeah but if you gave me a million quid to spend, sometimes i'd come back with a million quid" i'm sure that was tounge in cheek i bet he never could.
Thanks for being a great bloke and a cool dude
BRETT Bognor Regis
im writing you from italy just to let you know that even in my country thers someone who love emf and zac

I just want to say my thoughts are with his family and everyone who knew him he will be sorely missed


Our deepest thoughts are with Zac's family and the rest of his friends. Especially James, Mark, Derry and Ian. Who have always been there for him. We can not believe that his life has been cut so short, he had so much going for him.
I saw him the other week and he was still as crazy as ever.
He will be sadly missed by us all.
We are so glad that we knew him well.
Spyder & Jac (Fozzy Boyz & Girlz)
Its a terrible shock.

May he rest in peace.

Dear Cara,

May I say how devaststed I am to hear about Zac's death, it was a real shock to hear the news from a DJ on XFM who used to be in Jesus Jones who very kindly was dedicating the entire show to him. I went to see the comeback gig last year at the Astoria and it ROCKED !!!! All the band seemed so happy playing together,they really were enjoying themselves and it is that in particular I will remember Zac most-good times !!!

Once again very sorry,lots of love ,


My name is Sandra, and I read the latest news I would like to present my condolence to Zac's family and the other members of the band, James Atkin, Derry Brownson, Mark DeCloedt, Ian Dench and tell them that they have than and excellent work.

Unfortunately, I have a bad ingles and i have so much to said but donīt now how to write that down, I just want you to now that I really like all of you and I want to wish you a better and a happy 2002.

For now is all i dismiss with a big hug

Sandra Pereira

I still cant believe it!! I am in shock!
31 years of age and dead?

My condolences to the family of Zac and to the other members of EMF. :-(

Zac...You WILL be missed A LOT!

Kindest regards,

We will always remember him! Great souls never die.
Best wishes

Cristina Andrade

My thoughts goes out to his friends and family, and all fellow Mef fans... I'm so sad to hear this.. Whatever happened, I hope it was as painless as could be...

All my condoleances,

Jonny Klingvall - Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Cara,

Please forward my love to all concerned.

Many thanks


Zak was always my favourite member of the band, and this is just too awful a way to start the New Year.

However it happened, whatever it was, what a tragically short life.....

I have followed the band from the start and visit here, but don't post, quite often.... I've seen Zak a few times as I live near the Forest, and I have friends and family in his area.... he was always funny, charming and affable.

To his family, who must be entirely devastated, go my heartfelt condolences, and to the fans, who, after such a great year for the band, must be utterly heartbroken, go my deepest sympathy.

He may be gone, but he will never ever be forgotten......

I think the time is right to re-release Unbelievable, and include with it the new stuff the band had performed as a timely reminder of how great this band are.

It'd be a fitting tribute.

Words are not enough. I'm gutted.
God bless.


I deeply regret the fact that Zac Foley died too young. What was the reason? I don't want to guess but I really hope that he enjoyed live every day so that he was happy with it in the end.

He was an important part of my very favourite band and still he lives through the excellent music of EMF. So in a way he is immortal...

My thoughts are with Zac these days.
Martin M.
(from Berlin/Germany)

Hi, I'm EMF Korean fan. Though my English is poor, i'm sad... so i write here some now. He was one of smart man in my mind. I pray his soul may rest in peace... (in Korean -"sam-ka-myong-bok-eul-bip-ni-da")

Mike Oh, Seoul Korea